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Nordstrom’s First Ever Canadian Warehouse Sale


STYLEDEMOCRACY HOSTS NORDSTROM’S FIRST EVER CANADIAN WAREHOUSE Just in time for your essential Spring wardrobe update comes this special shopping announcement! From Thursday, April 2, 2015 to Monday, April 6, 2015 StyleDemocracy, Canada’s leading retail event and social commerce company, will be holding NORDSTROM’s first ever Canadian warehouse sale. This inaugural warehouse sale for the American upscale fashion retailer will ... Read More »


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That dewy glow is something all us gals strive for. You know the one. It happens when the light reflects off exactly the right spots, giving your face an appearance that’s almost angelic. With celebs like JLO owning that flawless appearance for what seems like forever now, we can’t help but wonder: what ARE the magical secrets behind it all? ... Read More »

Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having Cosmetic Surgery


Photo Source Learning to love your body is a big part of becoming more confident and happy with yourself. Sometimes you can accept yourself just as you are, but other times you need to make some changes in order to feel truly satisfied. Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve been thinking about having a little work done, you ... Read More »

Going To The Chapel: Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Transport


Photo Source One of the more difficult items on your wedding to-do list is the decision on transport. Not only are there many options to choose from, but there are also a number of considerations to take into account which will affect your choice. Many people make a quick decision on their wedding wheels, but in doing so their choice ... Read More »

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