Friday , 3 July 2015
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ReFlex by Land Art: Nature’s Performance Innovation

A women running down a barren desert road.  Runner has slight motion blur.

I think everyone at some point has experienced a bit of muscle strain or inflammation – no matter your lifestyle. I remember in my tough school days (like last year) with hours spent having my face in a book, my neck muscles would eventually give out and completely cramp up. Or what about your avid dedication to the gym ( ... Read More »

10 Eco-Beauty Products you Need Right Now


I’m always on the look out for holistic beauty products that are chemical-free and full of natural goodness. I grew up being very unaware of what I was putting on my skin and ended up lathering on many dangerous ingredients (parabens, fragrances, sulphates {aka carcinogens, endocrine disruptors} – you name it). Thankfully, I’ve done my research over the years and ... Read More »

Introducing Ritual: The Fast Lane For Urban Professionals


Mobile Technology that Connects Urban Professionals with Great Tasting Local Food and Coffee If you’re an urban professional, you know how valuable it is to have convenience! Between all your appointments, meetings, calls – you’ve got a lot on your plate (no pun intended) to think about. For most, this creates a grab and go rhythm, making nutritious, wholesome food ... Read More »

Uniikii: Sustainable Fashion For Change


I think it’s incredible that everyone around the world is becoming more conscious about how their buying choices are not only effecting themselves, but the impact on workers and the environment as well – and this also applies to fashion. As you may notice with my posts and through social media, I’ve been really narrowing in my focus on these ... Read More »

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