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10 Must See European Cities

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Southern Croatia, Dubrovnik possesses a stunning natural beauty, abundant cultural heritage, and energetic nightlife. Less touristy than other European cities and with a pleasing climate, it is valued as an attractive Mediterranean destination. It’s summers are hot and dry while it’s winters are cool with a bit of rain offering a great balance to its inhabitants and visitors. Owing to it’s wondrous beauty, most talked about are it’s stunning shores and incredible landscapes. Hidden beaches and coves, forests oozing with the scents of cypress and pine, beautiful vineyards and olive groves, wonderfully preserved ancient towns, as well as “the most stunning coastline in Europe.” Not to mention it’s delightful cuisine paired with distinguished wines, at a more affordable price. Dubrovnik is definitely a travel destination to embark on.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

When most people think of Amsterdam they might automatically connect their thoughts to it’s Red Light District and famous coffee shops, which serve more than coffee. Amsterdam however is a gorgeous metropolitan city in the heart of Holland which offers much more charm than it’s given credit for. Offering the perfect blend of historical and modern, it’s beautiful 17th century architecture and romantic canals are balanced by fresh contemporary structures. In it’s laid back atmosphere of tolerance, liberation is in the air and visitors will feel invigorated as they walk the town, gazing upon it’s glory. In the evening it is a party center and young tourists will have no troubled seeking fast-paced entertainment.

Paris, France

Capital of France and the most densely populated metropolitan city in Europe, Paris is flocking with residents and tourists alike, everyone wanted a part of this city’s sheer magnificence. According to research published by the Financial Times in 2010, Paris is a city of the future, ranked as part of the top 3 most prominent and powerful cities in the world. Not surprising as it leads the world through fashion, media, business, art, science, culture, entertainment, education and even politics. It has also been listed as the world’s most popular tourist destination with a staggering 45 million visitors per year. It’s world famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre art museum which houses the Mona Lisa, and the 12th century cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, it’s encompassing beauty is world renowned.

Berlin, Germany

Capital and heart of Germany as well as it’s largest city, this attractive metropolis has a diverse array of defined architecture and interesting sights, interwoven into its long historical background. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the famous Brandenburg Gate became a prominent symbol of Germany standing for freedom and the unification of the city of Berlin. Today Berlin maintains itself as highly influential through economics, culture, science, and politics. Home to many prominent universities, colleges and research facilities, it bears credit to having sophisticated educational programs. Also, a centre for youth and popular culture, media is rampant and trend-setting is high, just like their quality of living. Moreover, this city is given recognition for its nightlife, modern arts, festivals, and advanced system of public transportation allowing for fast-paced urban mobility.

Prague, Czech Republic

Ranked as a global city and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Over 4.1 million international visitors per year, travelers marvel at the beauty behind this city’s historical essence and architectural wonders. What’s more, is that in the midst of this beauty of antiquity is a cosmopolitan dream of energetic nightlife, delicious bistros, and shopping centres. Some must-see interesting historical sights include Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Astronomical Clock from the 1400s in Old Town’s Square (most popular sight), the innovative Dancing Building, and the Municipal House in Old Town Prague.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This small municipality is famous for its stunning natural lakes laying in a perfect bed between 3 mountains of the Dinaric Alps. This is a must-see European city due entirely to its breath-taking, undisturbed beauty. Recognized also by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this unaffected splendor is nature’s gathering of waterfalls, pristine lakes, and diverse animal and plant life. One of Croatia’s largest attractions, the Plitvice Lakes offer a magnificent outdoor experience to all who have the opportunity to visit. An obvious extreme from other metropolitan destinations, this natural escape will allure you with its tranquility and peaceful enchantment.

Copenhagen, Denmark

A lively Metropolitan capital, full of contrasting architecture, historic canals and cobblestone walkways, and delightful residents. It is one of Europe’s oldest and most marvelous capitals, with an air of cool dynamism. It is clean, safe and sprawling with cafes and restaurants owing to its recent culinary revolution. Fashion friendly, this city is often called “Paris of the north” where designer shops are aligned tempting you with big labels. It is chic, exciting and full of exciting things to do. There is the Louisana Museum of Modern Art, music festivals can be found year round, and the famed Royal Theatre holds performances from the Royal Ballet Academy, the Royal Danish Orchestra, as well as Opera Chorus.

Zurich, Switzerland

Largest city of Switzerland, Zurich (it’s capital is Bern) is an incredibly beautiful leading global city and financial centre. From 2006-2008 it was named ‘city with the best quality of life as well as the wealthiest city in Europe.’ It is abundant in culture and is home to a remarkable number of museums, galleries, a host to chamber and symphony orchestras, as well as holding several significant theaters. It also holds the Zurich International Film Festival which is a prominent production for tourists and residents alike. The city even boasts an attractive nightlife variety, from bars, restaurants, lounges, and clubs, to authentic entertainment such as Brazilian bars, stages for HipHop, Caribbean restaurants, Italian cafes, and art-house cinemas. Last, the shopping district in Zurich is definitely pleasing to the eye where you can find big designer labels.

Rome, Italy

After Milan, Rome is the second largest city in Italy with an incredible history spanning almost three thousand years.  The beauty behind this world renowned masterpiece is almost indescribable. From lost empires, to architectural wonders, gorgeous monuments, and archaeological splendors, it is definitely a city not to miss.  Famous within Rome is the Vatican City, an entirely independent country of its own with its governance ran by the Pope. Decorating the piazzas of Rome are countless fountains expressing various artistic styles, the most famed being Fontana Di Trevi. Another prominent symbol of Rome is the Colosseum which has made the list of the New 7 World Wonders and continues to fascinate its visitors. Rome is also well-known for its advanced education, offering a large number of universities and academies, it has achieved an atmosphere of intellect that is recognized around the world. Last, and equally celebrated is Rome’s extraordinarily delicious cuisine, don’t be afraid to pack on a few pounds as you might not be able to resist. When you travel to Rome the ultimate pleasure is to stroll its wondrous streets and bask in the sun while sitting at an outdoor cafe. There is a laid back feeling that life is a pleasure and is meant to be enjoyed, surely you will find yourself doing that exactly.

Meteora, Greece

This interesting city is entirely suspended in air, supported by pillars made of natural sandstone rock. It is the location of one of the largest and most important complex of the Orthodox Greek monasteries and is meant to be a destination for mental, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation. Meteora is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is said to have had inhabitants from as long as 50,000 years. These monasteries are accessible by carved staircases cut in the rock formations. Meteora is quite the unique destination and a great sight to admire if you are up for a spiritual adventure.


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