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10 Secrets For Beautiful Skin

10 Secrets for Beautiful Skin

As I further my studies in Naturopathic Medicine, one of the most popular questions I get asked is how to maintain beautiful skin. There are TONS of products on the market, plenty of which claim to offer a miracle solution…or at least close to it. So how does one actually know how to sift through the masses and really determine what will work best and without having to break the bank? The fact of the matter is, you’ll need to be following a few basics first before you can determine whether any product will be working for you. Here are my 10 secrets for beautiful skin 🙂


Many people often underestimate the major role diet plays into not only the health of their skin but their overall health as well. A proper diet will literally be transforming to your entire body and has the power to eliminate any skin issue, making you look more radiant at the same time. In order to ensure your eating (or not eating) the right foods, I’ve compiled a list of some of the major skin offenders as well as skin enhancers below.

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What to Eliminate:

  • PROCESSED & REFINED  FOODS–this is a huge list. Almost anything with its own TV commercial is a good way to look at it! Processed meats are actually the worst offenders and are also linked to cancer. Basically, most things that are packaged are processed and refined: chips, sodas, fast foods, sugary cereals, canned fruits laced with syrup, white rice, white bread…the list goes on! Each of these are also heavy on PRESERVATIVES like sodium nitrites, which are associated with an array of health issues and must be avoided for your skin health as well.
  • SUGAR, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, SUCROSE, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER, ETC.–it is a well known fact that sugar ages your skin. If you have to have ANY type of sugar make it raw, brown sugar in low quantities or opt for Stevia as a natural substitute. Artificial sweeteners are also terrible since all they’re doing is introducing more carcinogenic chemicals into your body that will need to be eliminated.
  • DEEP FRYING–when you deep fry food you are not only destroying its nutrient potential but also introducing a host of free radicals and trans fats. Instead, cook on medium heat with coconut oil or sesame oil.
  • ALCOHOL–although one glass of red wine/ day is healthy for your skin (due to the fact that it contains resveratrol, an anti-aging component found on the skin of red grapes), exceeding this amount will be detrimental. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating and will suck the moisture out of your cells, leading to a dull, lack-luster appearance. It is also very high in simple sugars which will speed up the aging process.


What to Eat More of:

  • FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES–as much as you want! The key is that it is fresh and cleansing to your body while delivering maximum nutrients. To your skin this translates to strengthening your cells, detoxifying your pores, building collagen and elastin, and minimizing the toxin load it must face. *Note* frozen fruits and vegetables are less nutrient rich and canned are even worse–especially since at that stage preservatives are added for longer sGreenTeaCancer_m_1019helf life. Go for FRESH PRODUCE.
  • WHOLE GRAINS–quinoa, buckwheat, sprouted grains, kamut, rye, millet, spelt, rolled oats…these are all great for you! Extremely high in fiber, B vitamins, and other nutrients for your skin health. What you’ll want to do is always read the label. **Enriched white flour or unbleached flour is NOT whole grain, it is processed and should be avoided.
  • GOOD FATS–i.e. avocado, nuts and seeds (except for peanuts and cashews), extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, etc. Just because it is a “fat” does not mean it will make you fat, since your body processes it completely differently than it does trans or saturated fats. In fact, your skin needs good fats for moisture and re-building healthy cells.

2. Drink Green Tea

A cup of green tea is literally PACKED with inflammation fighting anti-oxidants and is great for combating acne. It has also been shown to reduce skin cancer risk, slow the presence of wrinkles, as well as fight free radical damage. I’d aim for 1-2 cups per day, and if that’s not possible, taking a supplement containing EGCG will also show wonderful improvement.


3. Exfoliate

One of the main causes of acne flare-ups is the accumulation of dead skin cells. In order to ensure this isn’t causing you unnecessary breakouts, be sure to exfoliate 1-2 times per week (too much exfoliation can irritate the skin as well). But no need to go out and splurge on an expensive brush or cleanser, here are some fantastic DIY versions I came across that will cost merely a few dollars and minutes to make:

DIY Coffee Face Scrub

DIY Lemon and Sugar Face Scrub


4. Exercise

Exercise is extremely important not just for a beautifully toned body but also radiant skin! When in workout mode, essentially, your heart is pumping blood more efficiently, your cells are receiving more oxygen, you are sweating out toxins, and your skin is reaping the benefits of this higher function. You can see the effects exercise has on your skin right away since your freshly colored cheeks are the product of renewed blood being pumped to the area. Stagnation on the other hand leads to a more dull complexion and accumulated toxins.

How much exercise is enough? You actually don’t need to hit the gym everyday to see improvement. A good goal to have is 3-4 times per week and for 20-30 minutes of light/moderate exercise (this could be fast-paced walking or a light jog).


5. Hydrate

Forget sport drinks, concentrated juices, vitamin water, flavored water, etc.—just drink tons of PURE, FILTERED H20. *Not distilled since this will actually strip minerals from your body*. This is the best form of hydration for your skin since it aids in the detoxification process and cleans out toxins most effectively. You can also add to its rejuvenating potential by infusing it with fresh lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, or even orange slices.

Milk thistle

6. Cleanse your Liver & Kidneys

Acting as the major organs of detoxification, you’ll want to make sure they’re running at an optimal level! With an unhealthy diet especially, your liver and kidneys will become sluggish. Combined with re-structuring the way you eat, its a great idea to flush out these organs using natural herbs. There are a variety of teas available containing botanicals such as dandelion root, milk thistle, horsetail, etc.–all which promote a higher level of functioning of these organs.

A cleanse is usually recommended twice a year and at the turning of a new season to help your body accommodate to the changes. Your skin will definitely reap the benefits as well since their will be less toxins attempting to escape through your pores. Additionally, if you are taking any supplements they will better be absorbed with a freshly cleansed liver and kidneys.

In my latest cleanse I tried out both the Liver and Kidney Cleanses by Integra Nutrition, which I thought were great!

Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor though before beginning a cleanse since many herbs may interact with medications.


7. Sleep

There is no mistake as to why it is referred to as “beauty sleep.” A recommended 7-8 hours per night of sleep is ESSENTIAL for your skin and overall health as well. This is when your skin rejuvenates itself and regenerates new cells, while repairing and healing blemishes. Achieving adequate sleep will also make you look younger.

What time should you go to bed? Before 11pm! You’ll want to align your body with its natural circadian rhythm to achieve optimal benefit.


8. SPF protection Year-Round

Apply suncreen daily! UVA and UVB rays are such powerful environmental stressors to your skin and it is present all-year round, regardless of climate. Make it part of your morning regimen to apply a natural zinc-based formula (NOT oxybenzone–this is a carcinogen) and keep your skin looking young and beautiful. Not wearing SPF will cause your skin to age more quickly, while also making it prone to sun spots, discoloration, and potentially even skin cancer.

fishoil pills

9. Fish Oils {EPA: DHA}

One of the most valuable supplements on the market for skin care and many other health improvements is a good quality fish oil. It will improve hydration, suppleness, and increase skin cell quality. However, you must not just go for any Fish Oil due to the potential presence of mercury and other heavy metals. Research the quality before making a purchase–usually, companies that go through the necessary purification process will have it clearly displayed on the label.

Also, be sure to get the CAPSULE form and store it at room temperature. The liquid form once opened, will go rancid within only a few weeks even under refrigeration.


10. Limit Your Stress

Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels which in turn may cause breakouts and even weight gain! Make it a point to have time for yourself and engage in simple pleasures throughout the day. Some great ways to de-stress are 15 minutes of meditation per day, yoga a few times per week, and even utilizing aromatherapy/essential oils in your home and workplace.

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  1. LOVE this post! Diet is totally true, and I really need to get back into drinking my green tea daily!

  2. Thanks Kelly! Yes, green tea is so amazing–I’m obsessed with Matcha right now as well 🙂

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