Thursday , 26 April 2018
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15 Things You Should Do Today

15 Things You Should Do Today

Look at the clouds today long enough so that they may show you their beautiful pictures.

Notice a flower today and lean in to it long enough to let its scent fill your nose.

Look in the mirror today long enough to tell the person staring back at you that they’re wonderful.

Care today long enough to help someone who needs it.

Smile today long enough to give that smile to someone else also.

Laugh today long enough to lift someone else’s spirit.

Appreciate today long enough to make the people around you feel like they matter.

Hope today long enough to know that all your dreams can come true.

Give today long enough and you will never go hungry.

Be kind today long enough to make someone else’s anger disappear.

Try your best today long enough to never worry about failing.

Notice someone else’s beauty today long enough so that all of their flaws disappear.

Live in the moment today long enough to never let it pass you by.

Look at the stars tonight long enough to let them give you a wish.

Love everyday long enough to change the world.

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