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2012 Modern Architecture, Beautiful Interiors, and must-have home accessories!

Architecture is one those artful masterpieces that holds within it the potential to inspire and evoke feelings of bliss, amazement, and pure awe. It is a manifestation of absolute creative thought and that feeling can be transferred to anyone in its presence who can gain a sense of what the designer intended to manifest. Set in a beautiful location this feeling can only be multiplied as one can experience human creative thought in the backdrop of universal creative thought. Below is a collection of modern architecture designs for 2012, some gorgeous interiors, and delightful home additions to brighten any home this year!

Luxury European Architecture–Hollywood Hills

This year there is a lot of emphasis on minimalism and openness. Hey, with landscapes like these why wouldn’t you want an accessible view? Especially in the morning when the bright sun shines upon your face to greet you with a beautiful day. Or at night when the sun goes down and the city’s lights cast a faint glow beneath the sanctuary you call home like in the above photo.

Modern Architecture Design 2012

Or in this setting with nature as your backdrop and your turquoise pool lies beneath, it must be a dream to watch the sun go down and rise with every new day. The two tiers are lit with the perfect fixtures to highlight the beautiful stone landscaping and wood furnished ceilings.

Luxury Home Designs in Australia, Malvern House by Nicholas Day

This structure holds a more modern appeal with the stark black and white contrast and tall open windows. Virtually every part of the house has a view of the outside and contains a simplistic allure as well.

Sea View Villa in Kamala, Phuket

Oh beautiful Thailand with your enchanting waters and colorfully adorned skies! Nature is embraced even more so in this setting–which how could it not be? This palace whispers songs of royalty to any person who falls into its arms.

Presotto Italia Bedroom Inspiration–

Now for some modern interiors there seems to be a lot of emphasis on minimalism. What is minimalism exactly? Well it seeks to expose the essence of whatever subject is portraying it. This bedroom really only holds one key feature—the bed. It is also open, white, and feels pure.

Presotto Italia Bedroom Inspiration–

Again, another great minimalist bedroom design. What I love about these interiors the most is the absence of clutter. Clutter is such an energy depleting form of waste that really takes more from its owner than it gives.

Ultra Modern Black and White Bedroom–

This black and white bedroom was designed for the young exec—see even he/she doesn’t need more than a few key pieces.

Last, this interior design setting shows open space with a tall view of the city within reach. One can enjoy the natural light each day brings and harness that energy which will actually be of more benefit than any light fixture can provide.


Now for some beautiful home accessories that will compliment and provide the finishing touches to your home without cluttering it!

Molton Brown offers a luxury hand wash and hand lotion set that adds a flair of elegance to any bathroom. From London via Sicily this set fills the senses with aromas of mint, blackcurrant and basil. With this lavish pair, hand-washing is a crisp, aromatic treat! The soothing hand lotion provides a velvety smooth finish with the subtle woody scent to refreshingly linger. What I also LOVE about this set is that it provides a NATURAL deep cleansing action using an exotic fermented filtrate of rok-radish root–this also helps to balance the skin’s moisture levels. And for some EXTRA moisture power, the hand lotion contains a shea butter complex to delicately envelope the skin and prevent moisture loss!

Retails for $56 (Available now in all Molton Brown emporia, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York, and

In my opinion, no place is complete without candles! Who doesn’t enjoy a comfey evening with the soft glow burning light flickering in their midst? Now for me it MUST be soy because I can’t wrap my head around burning lead and other chemicals only to inhale them involuntarily. These beautifully handcrafted soy candles by Linnea’s Lights were hand-poured and wrapped in recycled materials for their eco-friendly appeal. They also come in a variety of delectable signature scents and have a burning of 60 hours (or 15 for the mini votive)! Love them <3

Last, the perfect home ambiance can only be fulfilled with the exquisite enduring fragrance of subtle uplifting notes. The Anthousa Collection offers the perfect concoctions to transform any environment and fill it with healing aromatherapy, cleansing mind, body, and soul, and promoting clarity and serenity. Even if you enjoy the simple exploration of various blends of spices, musks, and exotic floral hints, each fragrance is formulated with care. The packaging is also attractively constructed to add a delicate charm to any environment!


So now I ask you—what would you add to this list of must-have home accesories?

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