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25 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams

We all have them; those nightly movies. Personal stories that seem to hit all too close to the heart; often filled with past, present, and sometimes even future dilemmas. Dreams have a lot of hidden meaning and can reflect one’s values, preferences, and daily struggles. Although still a mystery to modern psychology, we do know a few things about the deepest parts of our mind.

  1. Some Native American nations, such as the Iroquois, have an annual dream-sharing festival. During this festival the natives will perform skits of their dreams.
  2. Blind people can dream. Depending on whether or not they are born blind or blind after birth determines whether they see images or not.
  3. Dreams occur during the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep (REM.)
  4. Humans can wake up completely paralyzed, this is because during sleep, primarily dream sleep, the brain paralyzes all of your body to achieve complete relaxation. If you should awake during this you could spend several minutes trying to regain bodily control.
  5. Nearly everything in a dream has a meaning, psychological, social, or physical. These meanings can range from teeth; symbolizing social acceptance and others views on you, to chasing; symbolizing a real life problem you may be avoiding.
  6. The most common type of dream involves teeth and chase scenes.
  7. More dreams are nightmares rather than pleasant ones.
  8. The brain can sometimes dream about events that have yet to occur; this is known as precognition or premonition.
  9. Recurring dreams occur in over half of the human population.
  10. Sleep deprivation can lead to forced “micro naps” during waking hours, during these naps the mind can project images in the real world; causing dreams and hallucinations in the real world.
  11. Déjà Vu is most likely because you had a dream a long time ago; and your brain is faintly remembering it. Thus making the experience of déjà vu so unique.
  12. Dreams are used to process, sort, and store useful information.
  13. All the useless information that you learn that day is “discarded.”
  14. Ancient cultures who awoke during the paralysis stage, previously mentioned, believed it was caused by demonic beings in their presence.
  15. You may not realize it, but everyone tends to daze off every so often during the day and have mini-dreaming sessions. This is often contributed to introverts and people who think to themselves deeply.
  16. Almost all the time, dreams never mean what they literally portray. Meaning a dream about the cats you had last week probably was symbolic of something more vital to you than Mr. Jigglesworth.
  17. People you dream about are only of people you already know or have seen in the waking hours. Meaning you will never dream up an unfamiliar face.
  18. Animals also dream.
  19. Men and women dream differently. Men tend to dream about other important male acquaintances. While female tend to dream about important male or female acquaintances.
  20. You cannot snore and dream simultaneously.
  21. Dreaming about extra-terrestrial life forms could indicate a real life feeling of violation.
  22. William Shakespeare used dreams to advance his works in drama.
  23. Dreams are believed to be gateways to the “collective conscience” of humanity’s ancestors’ distant memories.
  24. It is possible to gain consciousness during your dream, and literally “take control” of your dream.
  25. Children experience nightmares more frequently than adults do.

So as you can see from these 25 interesting and shocking facts. There is a lot our modern psychologists can learn from our dreams, and we can also take a bit of good from them as well. Although dreams will be a mystery to us for a long time to come, we can still look forward to what the depths of our minds have to say.


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