Monday , 23 April 2018
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30% Off! Limited Time Offer

Have YOU tried Cake? This delectable Canadian line is your ultimate bath,body, and haircare retreat! Made with 90-95% high-quality raw and natural ingredients, paraben free (No harmful preservatives), sweet gourmand scents and uniquely designed textures, it’s time to indulge yourself like never before.

Be sure to try some of  their cult followed, fan favourites!  Milk made velveteen hand creme (notoriously non greasy–and vitamin packed!) and their dry shampoos ‘satin sugar hair & body refreshing powder’ which are carried in two tints for both blonds and brunettes!

And if you smell delicious as it is… try their un-scented, un-coloured, un-paralleled–Unsweet

So excite your senses and don’t wait to spoil yourself in the world of Cake!

Enter the code ‘precious’  (No quotes, no spaces, no caps) to receive 30% of  all your purchases at checkout.  Cannot be combined with any other promo, offer valid until Monday, May 23, 2011.

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