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5 Ways to Project Greater Self Confidence

If you look at nearly all successful people in life, they have many different qualities but I think it’s safe to say they also have one consistent similarity – confidence.
While many of us may feel confident frequently (or perhaps occasionally), this can change when we are around a large group of people, in a work environment or in social situations. Some of the most popular girls (and guys for that matter) in high school were not always the most attractive, brilliant ones but typically they took initiative and projected a confidence that radiated from within. Whether they were discussing their stance on a popular movie, presenting a project at the front of the class or talking about their weekend, when they expressed their opinion, they were confident and this makes people take notice.
When searching for jobs, these qualities attract employers in much the same way that friends flocked to these confident people in high school. Also, when it comes to dating the same rules apply. No one knows what you are thinking on the inside they can only make a judgment based on how you present yourself. So what if your confidence likes to hide at the most inopportune times? Well there’s something to be said about the old saying “fake it until you make it.”
Here are 5 tips for appearing more confident outwardly while you are working to feel it within.
1. Posture
In nature animals have their own language and the messages they relay to one another are largely influenced by body language and posturing. While we consider ourselves to be far more evolved than our four-legged friends, we still retain some similar behavior. We naturally tend to respect those who have a tall upright posture and come to think that what is being said by a slouched, nervous looking person is not at important, no matter what words are coming out of their mouth. Be conscious of this whether applying for a job, making new friends or going out on a date. If you feel yourself becoming self conscious, try to fight this by standing up tall, putting your shoulders back and thinking that you are “all that” and you have no reason to be self conscious.
2. Speak Calmly and Clearly
One of the biggest mistakes we often make is to rush through a speech, forget we are saying mid-sentence or add in a bunch of “uh” “like:” or “um” sounds when we are thinking. These little distractions may not seem like a big deal to us but for the person listening on the other end of the conversation, these little nervous tells are a big turn off and a distraction from the point you are trying to make. You can work on avoiding this by thinking what you will say ahead of time. If you lose your train of thought, pause for a second without inserting any placer words (uh, like, um) and then continue on. People will be far more interested in what you have to say when it comes across clearly and confidently.
3. Eye Contact
Most of us by nature are slightly suspicious of others. We really don’t have a lot to go by to determine if someone is being truthful other than body language. If you are talking with a future or current boss, prospective or current girlfriend/boyfriend, looking to the side, the ground or anywhere but the other person’s eyes is a complete turn off. When you want to get your point across or when you are listening to someone speak, it’s important to look them in the eye. It shows confidence, truth and respect. If you get nervous doing this, many people have more luck looking in between the eyes or at a spot very close to the eyes on the face. This will give the appearance that you are making eye contact while you work to gain enough confidence to start making actual eye contact.
4. Smile
While we all know there are some times that it’s not appropriate to walk around grinning like a fool, having a smile on your face can make you more approachable and more likable. Often those who are insecure tend to come across as being unfriendly or unapproachable and this further fuels the insecurity that tell us that we aren’t “good” in social situations. It’s really a case of the self fulfilling prophecy. Next time you are in a situation with new people, on a first date or feeling particularly self conscious, challenge yourself to stand up tall, make eye contact and smile.
5. Ask Questions and Listen
Typically when we aren’t feeling confident we make one of two big mistakes – we either ramble on about ourselves or ask questions without listening to the response because we are planning what to say next. Try really listening to people when the talk. When you get your own insecurities to calm down during the conversation you will be better able to retain what the person is telling you and actually contribute more thoughtfully to the conversation.
While there is no “cure-all” to alleviate the awkwardness or lack of confidence many of us experience day-to-day, with a little effort you can begin crafting a more confident you. While outward appearance is half the battle, take time to create an inner dialog that reminds you just how fabulous you are!
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