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7 Tips To Plan an Unforgettable Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway can be you and your lover’s escape from the stress of your daily life.  It can also be your way to patch things up or simply an activity you can do to jumpstart your relationship.   The question here is: “Do you know how to plan a weekend getaway?”

If this is your first time to come up with a getaway plan, you should start thinking about it right away.  Remember that first impressions last.  You better plan things out well to make your first getaway together a memorable and sizzling one.  Maybe the tips below can help you:

  1. Prepare ahead of time.  Think where you can or want to go.  Also, plan what you are going to do.  Will you spend some quiet time or enjoy a night out?

If you will take a trip for long hours, make sure that you have estimated your travel time to maximize your getaway.  As much as possible, make the reservation in advance.  Call your venue a few days before your trip to confirm your stay.

  1. It is true that we cannot put a price tag on love.  But if you are on a tight budget (listen to this, college students or fresh grads), you might want to think about your expenses.  Calculate your fuel cost or plane ticket, hotel accommodation, food, amusement, plus allowance.  You can go as budget-friendly or as usurious as you want.
  2. Location, location, location.  You can opt for domestic or international travels, or maybe just a hotel within your vicinity will do.  The important thing is that you get to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Call hotels in advance and ask about some features of their place.  Research online.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to find deals or promos such as packages for a weekend stay.

  1. Consider your other half when planning your activities.  For example, why should you go skateboarding if your partner does not enjoy doing so?  Remember that this getaway is for both of you.  Your whims or wishes should not go before your partner’s preference.  Meet halfway.
  2. Bring accessories with you.  Being on a getaway does not mean that you can’t express yourself or your feelings for your significant other.  Take flowers or candles or maybe fragrant oils with you.  You can bring something subtle or wild.  Impress and surprise your partner.
  3. Do not even think of dialing the number of your office.  Leave all the work behind and focus on you and your partner.  As much as possible, finish all your tasks ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about one when it’s travel time.
  4. If you already have kids, you might want to hire a nanny or babysitter ahead of time.  Better yet, you can leave your kids to your relatives or close friends.

If you want, you can go on a spur-of-the-moment trip.  Anyhow, the important thing is that you spend some quality time with each other.  In addition, you get to learn more about each other with this sweet yet short trip.

Good luck in planning.  Have fun!


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