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9 Wanderlust Travel Essentials

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Well the travel bug caught me again and I’ve just returned from CAMBODIA! I’m so happy to have seen this magical place for the first time and also take part in the Holistic Edventures Retreat that 2 of my amazing friends have organized. There’s nothing like taking the time to rejuvenate in such a healing place as this and with close friends! Aside from daily yoga and meditation sessions, incredible healing foods, fun adventures, and temple exploration in Siem Reap, we also made our way to the breath-taking islands of Koh Rong. And just WOW, definitely a must-add to any bucket-list! Here were my top 9 wanderlust travel essentials from this adventure and some of my photos from the journey 🙂

1. Travel Back Pack

No wanderlust is complete without a travel backpack! I love this Indigo Patterned Raffia Sojourn Backpack by TOMS as its the perfect size for carrying around what you need for the day (leave your larger pack at your place of dwelling), and was also great for the airport and on flight. It’s also super stylish and has that tribal flair that I really dig. Not to mention, they have an incredible humanitarian initiative with each bag purchased:

With every bag you purchase, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. One for One®.
Below I’m sporting it on the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia 🙂

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2. Comfy Sandals

sanuk-yoga-devineSanuk is a brand that exists for pure comfort and style! Their tagline is #NeverUncomfortable and they truly mean it. Now it’s currently 39 degrees Celsius in Cambodia, and aside from frequent dips at the Green Leaf Boutique pool I’ve really been enjoying exploring my surroundings – the local market (which WOW, I’ve been finding the cutest 100% cotton pants for only $3!), organic juice bars, and soon – the sacred ruins! Needless to say, these comfy sandals have been the perfect foot companion. They are made out of real yoga mat material and each step is like walking on a cushion of comfort!

3. A Good Book (or two!)

This goes without saying, especially if you’re a bookworm like me! Now I’ve got tons of books on my “to read” list, especially ones that have to do with spirituality, natural/alternative medicine, and plants! Here are two really awesome reads I recently grabbed and am LOVING:


4. A Killer Bikini

This goes without saying…especially if you head over to the stunning beaches of Koh Rong! It was completely breath-taking. Which seemed to fit the stunning scenery (and my body perfectly) was this Vitamin A Swimwear Bikini from Kayokoko Swimweara destination site for all your designer swimwear needs

You can shop my look here:

5. Eco-Friendly Shampoo + Conditioner

You may see Living Libations come up a lot in my blog posts, well, because they are simply amazing! I’ve had such a difficult time finding a completely natural shampoo and conditioner that didn’t weigh my hair down and make it feel thoroughly clean. Needless to say, Living Libations does it again – as this is the BEST natural shampoo and conditioner I’ve tried to date :). Now why natural? Because your health and the environment deserve it!

Shop it here:


6. The Perfect Oral Care Combo

Now I won’t even go near fluoride, chemical-filled toothpastes since not only are they useless at actually protecting your teeth, they can actually be harmful! Your teeth are ALIVE and the health of them directly correlate to that of your gut health and your entire body. I alternate between a coconut oil blend and THIS incredible trace mineral powder by ‘The Dirt’! The combination of trace minerals within this toothpaste actual support the natural re-mineralization process of your teeth, making them strong, sparkly clean, and brilliantly white! What I’ve also find extremely useful in the past year is using a TONGUE SCRAPER – say what? Since your tongue collects a TON of bacteria that a toothbrush can simply not get rid of, this is a complete must. It removes any leftover gunk and has a natural antimicrobial effect, helping to eliminate any lingering bacteria that would cause bad breath. Once you try it, you’ll never be able to live without it.

Shop these items here:

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7. Superfoods

OMG this line is amazing. I’m a huge fan of superfoods as it is, especially knowing one cannot seem to get all the required nutrients from a regular diet. Traveling further heightens this challenge since you may not know which foods will be available during any given day or location. Therefore, its great to have the additional help to keep your body and health in top shape! One item I’ve particularly feel in love with is the Sun Potion Pine Pollen – which supports healthy metabolism, immune response, circulation, and enhance total body function. If that isn’t enough, it’s a strong promoter of longevity (who doesn’t want to remain young and vibrant?) and acts a natural aphrodisiac!

Shop this item here:

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8. Great Company

The company you travel with can make or break your trip. For me, my travel companions (also close friends!) made this one of the most incredible travel experiences I’ve had to date. Each day was high vibe, FULL of LAUGHTER, exciting escapades, and tons of love! I’m so grateful for that as I believe, ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ <3

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9. A Sense of Adventure

With an adventurous spirit and a fearless heart, there’s no limits to where your soul can guide you! Live in the flow of universal love and embrace all of the magic that will come your way 🙂

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