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An Open Letter about Food

organic01In writing this letter, I’m taking a risk and simply have one goal in mind–that is, to help you change the way you think about food. But it also goes far beyond that, because if you change the way you think about food and everyone begins to make better (healthier) choices, I believe you are going to spark something far greater. That is, global change. The kind of impact where chronic disease becomes something of the past and world hunger is virtually eradicated.

I think its time that conscious eating becomes a desired necessity not a choice. I’d like to walk into a grocery store and ONLY see organically grown produce. Instead, we are strategically enticed by genetically modified foods that are cheaper and seemingly more plentiful, whereas, buying organic is made to be reserved for those with deeper pockets. I want to have affordable access to organic, free-range meats, but certainly not ones that are laced with hormones and a product of animal torture. The irony is, what you save in food will essentially be translating to medical expenses later on. Even further, how can we ignore the entire populations that are denied any food at all? Especially when there exists the possibility of creating completely self-sustainable structures in all communities that eliminates any potential waste and provides a never-ending abundance of free organic food!

In changing the way we think about food, there are a few fundamental principles to always keep in mind. First, Hippocrates had it right thousands of years ago when he stated “Let food be they medicine”. In my opinion, the best way to interpret this statement is that proper food has the power to heal and keep one healthy. It is your body’s fuel, ultimate sustenance and should be regarded with utmost consciousness. If we know that things like sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, synthetic dyes, additives, and preservatives are fundamentally KILLING us by contributing to a diseased state, why are they even options for food? We have been subjected to this tainted reality that accepts unhealthy alternatives as a means for sustenance, ultimately creating diseased populations and new spheres for monetary capitalization since you’ll now need to remedy the subsequent illnesses. When you break all of these circumstances down, it becomes a pretty serious matter. But is it the first time serious circumstances have been taken lightly because of how we are essentially programmed to think about them? Of course not.


Unfortunately, we live in a society that is built upon corporate interests. These interests aren’t concerned with the health of the individual, rather, their primary interest is a return on investment or capital gain. Money is made on goods that can be marketed, like packaged goods with an unfortunate slew of (often) misleading statements or promises to entice the buyer. For example, the word “natural” means absolutely nothing since it isn’t regulated, most pre-packaged foods that are prized for their convenience are laden with preservative, foods that promise to help you shed the pounds (i.e. “zero-calorie” snacks) contain ingredients like aspartame that is proven to be cancer-causing and actually makes you feel hungrier, or foods that are simply very addictive but contain no kind of valuable nutrients. The truth is, if you ate the proper foods you would not only be able to fulfill ALL your cravings, you would be healthier, better-looking, and be at your optimal body weight without having to count any sort of calories. If everyone ate for their health, there would be no expensive fad diets to prescribe to, certainly less disease, and a much higher quality of life in general.

The second important thing to remember is that our bodies are meant to be healthy. Disease is not supposed to be a natural state that coincides with getting older. Rather, it is a SIGNAL that tells us that something is out of balance and needs to be restored. If you ignore this signal, the problem simply gets worse and it becomes a downward spiral. Virtually, all chronic disease can be traced back to food and for certain, can be improved by proper eating and the correction of other obstacles to health (i.e. smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.). This all being said, I believe that collectively its time that we all made better choices. Ones that focus on health promotion, educating ourselves on how to read an ingredient label, and ultimately changing the entire system that is essentially based on consumer demand.

Aristotle stated, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” What this refers to is the power of synergy and how everyone taking steps in the right direction becomes the greatest force of all. It is up to us to create these fundamental changes that will determine not only our own health but that of the future and our entire planet. If collectively, everyone decided to refrain from supporting the institutions that are facilitating poor health and a reliance on even more harmful medications to keep us alive, the result would be truly substantial. My hope is that you become empowered to live a better life and make healthier choices. My dream is that we can all be a part of a better world!

Yours Truly,


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