Monday , 23 April 2018
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Annabelle and Marcelle Toronto Beauty Unveiling

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Annabelle and Marcelle #beautyunveiling at Andrew Richards Designs in Toronto. What a fabulous event! Greeted with delicious white wine and delectable hors d’oeuvres while lounge music played by their on site DJ, the ambiance was set to impress. As you walked through the venue, beauty stations were aligned where the latest innovations sent an alluring vibe ready to showcase themselves to every glancing eye.

What’s even greater is that Annabelle and Marcelle had all of their beauty experts fly in from Montreal to give a professional introduction and tutorial on how to use each new product, as well as outline their benefits. Each station had an exciting beauty unveiling that will be offered this Fall in stores across Canada. So here is a sneak peek!

I’m sure by now you’ve either heard of or tried the infamous BB CREAM that has taken the beauty industry by storm. It’s basically a MULTI-ACTION BEAUTY BALM, functioning to eliminate steps out of our beauty routine, making for happier and prettier women everywhere—in half the time 😀 The Marcelle BB Cream shown below offers a lightweight moisturizer with adaptive pigments to even out and brighten skin tone, powerful antioxidants to protect against sun damage, aloe and chamomile to improve skin’s appearance. It basically enhances the skin with every application and is a great prep to your foundation OR it allows you to go without it! You can also get it in powdered form 🙂 The Annabelle BB Cream as shown above also perfects, brightens, primes, hydrates, and protects against UVB rays with an SPF of 15. How bout that all-in-one beauty item!

Ah and behold the wall of lovely cosmetics…. every beauty junkies dream right here:

Another great item I came across at the event was the gorgeous variety of Marcelle Eye Shawdow Quads. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smokey eye and always enjoy new hues to create that dramatic eye look. These shadows are great combinations to give you that sensual look for day or night. It goes on so smooth and has a tint of sparkle and you can also intensify the look by adding layers of color.

Below is a pic of all the goodies I picked up from the event! I was SO excited to try them all and it’s definitely hard to pick any favorites. The Marcelle New Age Precision day and night creams are so lightweight and satiny smooth. While the eye and lip contour cream instantly hydrates lips and smooths out fine lines. This New Age line was formulated to actually banish the signs of aging, pushing that trip to the surgeon far away from the near future!

I must say though that my most beloved two products from this beauty bunch is the Annabelle Skin Retouch Crayon and the Annabelle Twistup (genius) Lipstick Crayon. I use the skin retouch as a base on my lips and the twistup crayon on top for the perfect pale-pink colored matte finish. LOVE IT.

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