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~Universal Archetype~

Born from the sea foam of the discarded genitals of Uranus, Aphrodite rose from the ocean as a great Olympian divinity.  Personifying the power of nature and the mother of all living things, as she walked the land flowers sprang up from under her feet leaving behind a glittering path. Her movements were refined and her eyes were welcoming, the subtleties of her stare causing intense enrapture.

Aphrodite was considered a great threat among the Gods as her divine splendour would stir jealousy and potential war. All who laid eyes on her were struck by her beauty and desired to take her hand in marriage. She was known as the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality, ‘with her ambrosia-like complexion’, her skin smooth and milky-white, and the perfect curvature of her body. Clothed in a royal blue robe as a depiction of the ocean of which she rose and her sparkling skin beneath, the contrasting colours created a magical fixation to which it was impossible to depart from.

In an attempt to suppress the constant longing for her by the gods, Zeus married her off to his son Hephaestus which would secure the peace. Realizing his great fortune in being with her, Hephaestus used all his skill to make her the finest jewels to adorn her with. This however only added to her irresistibility and she embraces it by taking on many lovers both mortal and immortal. Thriving in her glamour she disliked being married and did not take her vows seriously.

Often accompanied by the wing godling Eros (Cupid) who is the messenger of love as well as a throng of happy children, they presented her with blossoms and the foliage of spring in order to please her with the blessings of nature.

Her planet was that of Venus in Roman mythology, and her attributes are the dolphin, the dove, the swan, the pomegranate and the lime tree. She also has a festival in Greece named the aphrodisiac which is used to refer to foods that increase sexual desire and libido. To read more about natural aphrodisiacs click here

This feminine archetype resides in the collective conscious of as all and the individuals who choose to embody her, namely, Marilyn Manroe.

Who else captures the aura of this divine mythical beauty?

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