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April 2011 E List


This month’s E list is dedicated to books! Here are some great titles that are worth checking out…

Each of these works have an inspirational and spiritual twist which I find is most enjoyable to read.  They provide valuable lessons that will enrich your life each in a unique yet entertaining way. I have to say that all of these books caused a positive shift in my life at the time I read it, causing me to continually embrace each of their valuable messages.

1. Stillness SpeaksBy: Eckhart Tolle

This simple yet graceful text is a collection of inspirational entries that are meant to be reflected upon as the book is read. What I like about this book and Eckhart’s style of writing is that his teachings are straightforward and tend to resonate with you. His words are full of wisdom and although simple, they are profound.

Eckhart Tolle has also written The Power of Now and A New Earth, selling an estimated 3-5 million copies each. Just recently he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world.

2. Fractal Time-By: Gregg Braden

This book argues that we experience time as fractals and all of our experiences (particularly the ones that invoke strong emotions) have the potential of being repeated in the future. Not the exact experience per say, but the conditions that created the initial experience (the seed). For example, the same conditions that created a strong emotional breakup in my life will happen again down the road. And not just any time in the future, Gregg Braden gives you the actual formula to calculate just when a future event will happen (the divine formula). What is interesting however, is that we have the power to prevent these repeat occurrences. It all comes down to whether we’ve learned the lessons intended for us that provided that experience in the first place.

I thought he made a lot of great points because it does seem like we experience the world in cycles. It also reminded me of two quotes: “History repeats itself” and “If you always do what you always did, you will only get what you always had.”

3. Invisible Acts of Power–By: Caroline Myss

This book reveals how far simple acts of kindness can reach and influence not only the person you’ve helped but yourself as well. There is a divine energy that exists and is transferred from a person that gives without expectation. It can be as simple as lifting someone’s luggage or helping an elderly cross the street. It is this pure energy that is transferred throughout the universe and is responsible for creating miracles. That in itself is enlightening, but in this book the author has also taken several true accounts of people who have decided to share their story.

4. CommittedBy: Elizabeth Gilbert

I LOVE THIS AUTHOR! She is a breath of fresh air and I plan to read everything she writes! After Eat, Pray, Love she made me want to travel the world and take up meditation. Now she has uplifted me again taking me on her personal quest in coming to terms with marriage and commitment. Whatever it is she writes about she is funny and engaging, while always introducing me to new perspectives. You feel like you are living vicariously through her on her soul’s journey.

5. How to Hear your Angels–By: Doreen Virtue

If you believe in the beautiful realm of angels and divine guidance, Doreen Virtue is your spiritual specialist. She elegantly reveals how to communicate or better listen to the heavenly messages that are laid out for us. She claims that the angels are there for our assistance and we need only to call upon them in order to receive their help. This informative guide tells of ways in which we can better channel our spiritual energy and receive the divine protection that is available to us.

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