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Are you Canadian? You probably need this most of the year…

vitamin-d-deficiency-canadians‘Statistics Canada reported the results of the most comprehensive survey ever taken on vitamin D levels in Canadians, finding that as many as two thirds of the population have levels below the amounts that research is associating with chronic diseases such as cancer. Further, 1 in 10 Canadians (or, 3 million people) don’t have enough vitamin D for adequate bone health and 4% are at risk for a debilitating childhood bone disease called rickets.’The Globe and Mail, 2010

This maintains to be a critical problem for Canadians, since for several months out of the year they aren’t receiving adequate sunlight to ensure the proper synthesis of vitamin D in their bodies. This inadequacy is further exacerbated as individuals who are residing at a more northern latitude have increased likelihood of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency (Chao et al, 2013).

What does Vitamin D do?

Vitamin D provides significant support to the body in many ways. It is essential for the body to properly absorb calcium and phosphorous (critical to strong bone formation), muscles require it for movement, the immune system utilizes it to fight off invading bacteria and viruses, and nearly every cell in the body has a receptor for it.

Below is a helpful diagram depicting the many causes of vitamin D deficiency and its associated consequences:




“Canadians are at risk of vitamin D deficiency from October to April because winter sunlight in northern latitudes does not allow for adequate vitamin D production,” says Julie Foley, president & CEO of Osteoporosis Canada.

  • Individuals considered vitamin D deficient are at risk for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis, among other ailments (StatsCan, 2010).
  • Low levels of vitamin D is associated with increased risk of recurrence and death in early stage breast cancer patients (Rose, et. al. 2013).

How Much Vitamin D Should you be Taking?

Health Canada recommends a 600 IU (15 mcg) per day intake of vitamin D, however, higher levels are needed to receive the disease fighting benefits of the nutrient. For example, vitamin D’s anti-cancer benefit would require at least 3000 IU per day, says researcher Dr. Schwalfenberg. The tolerable intake level for adults is set at 4000 IU per day, which is a very safe level.

Important Facts about Vitamin D

  • Although sun exposure will help your body extract and create its own vitamin D from the sun’s UV rays, this will not happen through clothing, sunscreen, and from sunlight felt indoors via windows. Your skin needs to be exposed and outdoors for it to properly receive the UV rays and synthesize adequate vitamin D (an average time of about 15 minutes on a sunny day). After the 15 minute time interval, it is advised to wear sunscreen should you be spending time outdoors.
  • Tanning beds do cause the skin to make vitamin D, HOWEVER, pose a SIGNIFICANT cancer risk.
  • Individuals will darker skin do not synthesize as much vitamin D from the sun.
  • Older adults have reduced efficiency in synthesizing vitamin D
  • Obesity impairs vitamin D absorption (body fat can bind the vitamin D since it is a fat-soluble vitamin)
  • Breastfed infants should be given a supplement of 400 IU of vitamin D each day

Land Art: Liquid Health Supplements {Vitamin D Spray}

There are many vitamin D supplements on the market, yet like many things, some are better than others. First, it is better to get the liquid form of vitamin D because your body will naturally absorb it better. The speed and absorption level of liquids actually reach 98% whereas tablets or pills offer a mere 10-20% absorption rate. Of course, some is better than none, but its always better to get more bang for your buck both where your health and your wallet are concerned. Further, liquids are optimal for those who have trouble swallowing pills or if they have a sensitive/irritable digestive system. Not to mention they make a great addition to your morning juice or smoothie!

land-art-vitamin-d-sprayRecently, Land Art launched their Vitamin D Spray which offers the most convenient way to ensure you’re getting daily adequate vitamin D intake. One spritz under your tongue gives you 1000 IU of vitamin D and tastes delightfully fruity. This is especially great for children, older adults, as well as those seeking the convenience of a compact spray bottle. The product goes for $9.99 CAN and contains 120 doses per bottle, quite the bargain!

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS : Vitamin D3 (Cholécalciférol), 25 mcg (1000 I.U.)

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS : Purified water, vegetable glycerin, fruit punch natural flavour, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, stevia.
* Contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast.

Land Art is a liquid health supplement company with a commitment to quality control, the best raw materials, and highest standards in product testing.

Food Sources of Vitamin D

  • The highest sources of Vitamin D come from fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and snapper.
  • Vegetables, fruit, and grains do not contain much of this nutrient.
  • Some foods (i.e. yogurt, milk, cereal) are fortified with vitamin D.
  • Here is a helpful list of vitamin D containing foods with their associated contents.


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Stats Can:

Disclaimer: this article is not a substitute for a medical doctor. Please seek professional medical treatment for any health-related concerns.

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