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Beach Wave Hair Tutorial


Beach time or not – these waves (no pun intended) will have you rocking that summer vibe in style! Beautifully chic and effortless, you can easily re-create this look with only a few simple tools and tricks. Thanks to Rino Balzano and the Taz Hair team, here’s how to learn it straight from the pros!


  • Begin by brushing hair out thoroughly to remove any tangles and prime hair with siren waves from Hollywood Waves from (TecniArt ).
  • Separate the hair into four quadrants – from the part at the highest point of the head (Apex) to behind the ear on both sides. As well as part equal parts in the back of the head horizontal across the occipital bone.
  • Next, create a loose inverted braid (Dutch braid) on each quadrant. Leave ends out. Apply Pli from (TecniArt) throughout to add shape, texture, and hold. Then, slightly loosen the braid by gently pulling on the strands.
  • With each braid, you’re then going to take a flat iron or steam pod to heat each section of each braid. Make sure to apply heat for 3 seconds on each section of the braid before moving on to the next. This will allow your hair to take the shape of the braid more easily. Then, simply let your hair cool down.
  • Last, remove and shake out each braid. Finish by applying Shower Shine from Wet Domination (TecniArt) to set your beach waves.

Beach Waves from Taz Hair on Vimeo.









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