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Beat the Winter Blues

We all know that the winter months can be a drag, especially if you’re experiencing a Canadian winter. Shorter days, unpredictable blizzards, icy roads, and strikingly cold winds. This is unfortunate for the convertible drivers, high heeled shoe lovers, and most of all for those of us that could do away with imminent shivering and teeth chattering. What’s more regrettable is the seeming lack of things to do when you would rather be basking in the sun or sitting on a patio. So, to get you through these times of probable boredom, here is a list of fun things to do!

1. Go to the spa–there’s nothing like a day full of complete relaxation. Book yourself a soothing facial, pair it with a Swedish massage, pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure (yes, paraffin too please), and enjoy an invigorating mud wrap. Also, leave yourself enough time to completely take advantage of your spas facilities. Hang out in your comfy robe all day, pour over magazines on a reclining couch by the fireplace, sip on cucumber infused water, and don’t forget to enjoy the steaming jacuzzi and sauna. If you live in Toronto you might want to indulge here.

2. Read a good book–there’s something really beautiful about watching the snow fall gently while you sit inside cozy and warm, curled up to a great read. Depending on what you’re interested in, there are always lots of new and exciting books to choose from. Some of my favourites:

  • A New Earth By: Eckhart Tolle (Inspirational)
  • Committed By: Elizabeth Gilbert (Chicklit/biographical)
  • The Undomestic Goddess By: Sophie Kinsella (Chicklit fiction)
  • Anything by Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Heart of the Matter) Definitely chicklit
  • Blink By: Malcolm Gladwell (Informative and interesting)
  • Why is God Laughing? By: Deepak Chopra (Funny and optimistic)

3. Have wine and movie night–time to break out that bottle of your favourite Cab. (Cabernet Sauvignon that is) and let the delicious oaky flavour please your taste buds. If you’re not into red wine there are some great Pinot Grigio’s out there or Rosay if you prefer something sweet. Before you plan on sipping this treat, it is a good idea to let the wine ‘breathe’ by opening it and letting it sit in a decanter for 20 minutes. This lets you enjoy the wine at its optimal level of taste because it has had a chance to oxidize, letting the air open up its flavours. Next, pop in a movie and unwind.

4. Take on the cold–go skiing! Or skating, snowboarding, tubing, etc., there are plenty of fun winter activities to enjoy if you are ready to bundle up and feel exhilarated. It’s not a bad idea to rent a chalet and turn your activity into a weekend winter get-away. Try hitting the slopes at Mount Tremblant and stay at the Mont-Joli House, a gorgeous chalet offering you a zen-like escape. Encased in tall glass windows, you can enjoy nature’s stunning backdrop in every room.

5. Watch all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy–I just love the passion and drama of this incredible show. Saving lives, relationship and sexual escapades, hot doctors, fascinating medical cases, unexpected twists, and bits of refreshing comedy, this show has it all. ABC is currently airing season 7, so if you haven’t seen this show before you’ve got plenty of catching up to do, which I promise you will enjoy.

6. Take up a new hobby–painting, scrap-booking, sewing, blogging 🙂 There are loads of activities you may have never given thought to and you might actually enjoy. Think about what once spiked your interest yet you’ve never had time for before. Maybe you will discover a hidden talent in yourself, a new business enterprise, or just a new way to pass the time. Search craft stores for ideas, speak to friends, and most importantly look within yourself, happy hunting!

7. Learn a different language–if you ever thought it would be cool to pick up a new language now is the time. Think about a country you would like to visit and enroll in a course to learn the basics of their native tongue. How completely exotic would it be to travel to Italy and speak their language of passion? Or go to Paris and play the part of the stylish upper-class French woman? Not to mention you will impress your travel partner. Choose a language and give yourself a cultural mix.

8. Meditate–it is claimed that 20 minutes of meditation per day is an energy booster, slows down aging, opens up creativity, clears the mind, stimulates happiness and combats stress. With winter depression looming this is a perfect way to stay invigorated and feeling good. For basic meditation all you need to do is go to a comfortable area without distraction and let your body completely relax while focusing on your breath. The goal is to eliminate all thoughts and reach a state of complete awareness. If you fall asleep try again when you are better rested, you will start feeling the difference right away with renewed energy.

9. Try pole dancing classes–a fun thing to try with your girlfriends, pole dancing makes for great exercise, laughs, and will no doubt increase your exotic appeal. You might even surprise yourself with your hidden abilities but what’s more is that you will work muscles you never new you had. Pole dancing is certainly worth a try, some fitness centers might also offer striptease classes. If in Toronto be sure to check out Flirty Girl Fitness.

10. Enjoy some retail therapy–since when is shopping not the cure. Dazzle yourself up in the latest winter fashions, if you can’t beat it you might as well look good in it. Furry white boots, long white jacket, Burberry scarf, there are plenty of fashionable ways to embrace the winter months. View signature picks for this season: boots, jacket, scarf.

11. Start spring cleaning early–doesn’t really sound like fun but you will feel great by the end of it. Put on your ipod and clean out that heaping closet. You will be surprised to find how many outfits you don’t wear anymore and things you forgot you had. Clean out the old, bring in the new, and keep yourself organized. Clearing your clutter is a Feng Shui essential, and it works!

12. Pick an old friend to catch up with over coffee–we tend to get so tangled up in our daily routine that we lose touch with friends we wish we hadn’t. Take the time to call up a former buddy and grab some lunch or coffee, you just might be glad you did.

13. Change your look–get a new hairstyle, try fresh makeup products, or find new ways to accessorize. Freshen up your look and turn some heads, things can get boring but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Take on some new trends and don’t be afraid to re-invent yourself.

14. Test your culinary skills–go shopping in the gourmet food isle and prepare a fancy dinner, try your skills at baking and whip up some pastries, get creative and conjure up some tasty hor doerves, all the while keeping mind of presentation. Share your creations with a few guests and if it doesn’t turn out to be what you expected make it an excuse to eat out or take out.

15. Leave winter altogether and book a trip–this definitely tops my list of the best way to beat the winter blues. Check online travel sites to compare prices and jump on that plane when you can to your favourite resort destination. By mindful of sub-tropical areas as they might not be as hot as you like during the winter months. It is smart to check weather forecasts before deciding which beach escape to. Either way, sand beats snow, for me anyway!

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  1. Pole dancing classes are great! I’ve been doing them since November, awesome workout and great for building core/upper body strength <3

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