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Bronze Goddess–How to Sport that Sizzling Golden Look this Summer

Ever stop and think why a bronzed look is SO beautiful? (If you do it right of course). WELL, a natural bronze glimmer comes from the sun which is a symbol of power and strength. You being the wearer of it is OOZING with vitality and intensity. From an evolutionary perspective, the opposite sex will be drawn to you even on a subtle level because you would appear more healthy and fertile. This inherent attraction we all have to golden skin dates back many years when we had to choose a desirable mate, so no wonder it still has such a powerful effect today!

So…considering this look is so very attractive I’d like to share some tips and tricks with you on how to wear it well. This doesn’t mean you should bathe in the sun from morning until night because that would be OVERDOING it. A daily dose of sun is very important though, but only to the point of where you appear sun-kissed NOT sun-burnt! Also, SPF protection is extremely important since we all are aware of the damaging effects of the suns rays.

But before we get started…here is what I mean when I say beautifully bronzed….

Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games—her skin looks dewy, flawless, and ever so perfectly sun-kissed. Her makeup also compliments her golden colour tone with an earthy smokey eye and peach blush with a close to nude lipstick.

Also, Jessica Alba… a bit more golden, perfectly even, and her brown smokey eye compliments the look along with a semi-translucent lip shine. GORG!

And here’s an Ad for Estee Lauder. Another beautifully bronzed look–her lips with more of a golden shimmer and an emphasis on highlighting the middle of the lower lip.


Just whatever you do…PLEASE don’t look like this! I don’t even know what to say about this picture… but that its WRONG! To give her some sort of defense it looks like this picture was taken after a very long evening out. Note the orange around the mouth? Did I tell you why I don’t particularly endorse spray tan? Well… here’s why.

Now here are some fabulous products and techniques you can use to achieve the RIGHT touch of bronze and own this summer look! NOT Lohan’s….but this one:

First, since the summer months can be quite hot I tend to opt for a tinted cream that matches my skin tone rather than a foundation that can feel heavier in the heat. LANCOME-Paris actually does it beautifully this season with their brand new RÉNERGIE ÉCLAT MULTI-LIFT which comes in 4 different shades. Not only does it illuminate your skin but is also designed to tighten and lift. Hey the more one product does, the simpler my beauty regime becomes! I found that this product did a great job at giving me the natural day look I wanted while catching the sunlight to give my skin an illuminated appearance.

Retails for $90 CDN

Next, a few products from Vapour Organic Beauty that I find are great for both body AND face.

Stratus II Instant Skin Perfector:

This revolutionary product is actually a 3–in–1 moisturizer, primer, and no-color foundation. It reflects light to perfect the appearance of your skin and it can be used before a foundation application—if you choose to even wear foundation! I find that this beauty stick is soft and smells like a bouquet of roses. After you glide it on your skin it feels super smooth and I love that it contains so many organic botanical extracts. A definite must-have for your flawlessly golden look!


Retails for $44 CDN.

Halo Body Spotlight Brilliance:

Ahh the Body Halo… it is indeed. Glide this wherever you want an instant shimmer and voila! You’ve created an angelic glimmer to wherever you want the spotlight to shine. I glide this wonder above my cheekbones, on the tops of my shoulders, and along my collar-bone.


Retails for $34 CDN.

Solar Translucent Bronzer–Spicy:

Now… if some added colour is what you need just smooth this translucent bronzer over your face/neck or any body part where you desire it. Just make sure to rub it in! Once you do it provides a beautiful smooth finish with a tint of a deeper tan.

Retails for $34 CDN.

The Vapour Organic Beauty collection can also be found here.

Next… the EYES! And this Make Up For Ever product is actually famous from the Box Office hit Hunger Games (they made fifth best opening day ever with $68.3 million–WOW!). It was used as a gold eyeliner in the film and comes in powder form so it can actually be used as a liner OR shadow. It consists of 100% loose minerals and is coated in silica to provide luminosity and shine. LOVE IT!

Last, are a few essential items that I ADORE from the New York based Borghese line…

To go with the Bronze Goddess look that I have in mind is a soft Pearl lip:

Pucker Up Buttercup Lipstick Trio:

This set comes in 3 different pearly shades that you can switch up to fit your style or mood—Perla Vino, Perla Rosa, and Perla Nudo. It’s creamy, it lasts, and it gives you that high impact pearl finish. It also contains vitamins A, E, and C so that your lips will be left conditioned with every application—Never dry! They are so luscious I just want to eat them up–you’ll love the way it completes any bronzed look.

Retails for $27.50 U.S. for the complete set (a $73 value).

Next, their Splendore Brightening Body Glow is absolutely essential for when you are bearing some skin. Whether its a night out in the town, a day-time brunch, or lounging fashionably by the pool. It’s a moisturizing shimmer lotion that leaves your skin looking so incredibly flawless and even. It contains light-diffusing mica, vitamins A and E (powerful anti-oxidants!) and has a beautiful light scent for anyone that gets up close and personal ;).

Retails for $36 U.S.

But wait a minute… there is also the SPLENDORE ALL OVER BODY BRONZER which comes with a handy little dusting function that allows you to brush this baby wherever needed. It’s a dry application of pure shimmer. You dust it and go! Careful though—it can be pretty powerful. I use it on my shoulders and collar bone mostly—pretty much any areas you want to enhance!


Retails for $33 U.S.

Just to demonstrate—here is my forearm after using some of the Splendore Brightening Body Glow and All Over Body Bronzer…ULTRA SHIMMERY! A bit of light is shining in from my lamp and you can see how well the mica pigments catch it turning it golden!

Any thoughts? What are some of your favorite bronze enhancing products?

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  1. well that last one, the splendor body shimmer was lovely, but IMO 35 dollars for a small container is way too much to spend on makeup bronzer if you are a practical woman. Would be helpful for you to offer a similar product on a tighter budget.

  2. You are right it can get pricey–what I’ve also done in the past is purchase the bronze mica powder separately (a google search can give you a list of different suppliers in your area) and just add the desired amount/tint to a body cream. Sort of a nice DIY idea and you can be creative with the pigments you buy.

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