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Can Hydrotherapy Make You Prettier? Here’s How…

I love talking about wellness and I love promoting beauty… so lets talk about both! What I’ve been learning lately is the remarkable practice of hydrotherapy. It’s amazing how without knowing the great advantages of what something can offer how easily it can go unnoticed.

Hydrotherapy offers countless health benefits that often are undervalued in their powerful healing potential. Not only an incredible healing tool, hydrotherapy does wonders for promoting wellness and supporting the body on several fundamental levels. A whole other article on its own would only begin to share the health benefits of its practice. However, what I’d love to share with you today is the strength in its use for revitalization and overall beauty promotion. It is no hidden secret that someone who is healthy and vital looks better. Many spas around the globe have taken this simple fact and integrated it into their methods of beautification. But what are the underlying means by which hydrotherapy can make such a difference? What simple methods can you employ as part of your at home beauty regime? Well….I’d like to tell you 🙂

So what is hydrotherapy?

It is the practice of using water in a variety of methods to promote healing and wellness. It has a wide scope of treatment benefits and is sort of like a fine art when it comes down to it. Many important details like temperature control, duration of treatment, levels of submersion, and even the addition of organic substances are all carefully considered when planning a specific treatment. For our purposes we will focus on simple treatments you can use at home that will help you detox your body, improve your overall skin appearance, and increase your vitality!

Here are some of my hydrotherapy favorites:

1. Steam Inhalation

This technique will

**Also great for colds**

You will need:

  • Tea kettle
  • Glass or ceramic bowl
  • Aromatic/Essential oils–Tea Tree or Lavender **this is a very important step because these essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. They will be entering your pores as the steam dilates them.
  • Table
  • Comfortable chair
  • Towel


  • Fill the kettle with water and bring to a boil
  • Pour the water into the glass bowl, filling it about half way
  • Add the aromatic/essential oils (only 2 drops)
  • Place the towel over the top of your head so that it drapes over the sides of your face.
  • Close your eyes, lean over the bowl (as close as possible over the water without touching the water) allowing the sides of the towel to create a tent over the sides of the bowl to keep the steam concentrated around the face.
  • After 15-20 mins wipe down your face with a cold towel–this is VERY important as you’ll want to close your pores not leaving them open to air-borne bacteria.

2. Alternating Hot and Cold Showers

What does this mean?

Well it’s pretty simple…when you’re in the shower you literally alternate the temperature between hot and cold. Basically, you allow yourself to enjoy a few minutes of hot water and then blast yourself with cold for about 45 seconds. You should do this back and forth seven times–BUT make sure you ALWAYS END WITH COLD! (I know, sucks). This may seem like a huge challenge for those of us that can’t stand the cold (like me!) but you can start off with the coldest temperature you can handle even if it’s pretty mild and then work yourself up to colder temperatures. Remember though, the greater contrast between hot and cold–the more EFFECTIVE the treatment.

So what is the benefit to this process anyways?? There are MANY!

It boost your circulation to a whole new level–cleaning it out, bringing blood to your capillaries, flushing your organs, reducing blood pressure, strengthening your nervous system…. I can go on..

Also very important… it contracts your muscles therefore allowing the elimination of toxins and poisonous wastes that accumulate. Making this daily practice will do wonders for your health as many health problems are a result of poor circulation. Not only that, you’ll have a TON of ENERGY–it’s incredibly refreshing!

Last… as a result of improved circulation and the efficient elimination of toxins in your body… your skin won’t have to suffer as a waste site. You will just be more glowing and radiant each and every shower that you apply this technique.

3. Salt Glow

This technique is one of my absolute favorites! Although its a common beauty regime I’m not sure that it’s benefits are fully appreciated–so I’d like to explain :). First of all… what exactly do I mean by Salt Glow?

It’s an application of course, wet salt rubbed on the skin–basically…an exfoliation. It’s meant to increase vasodilation and consequently improve circulation while also allowing the skin to absorb minerals from the salt itself. And why the important of using salt? Salt is highly antiseptic and draws out toxins while exfoliating.

I love Himalayan Salts–they are PACKED with minerals that enhance your skin’s clarity and radiance. Epsom salts are also great because they contain magnesium which is important for a variety of bodily functions, including the production of energy and elimination of toxins.

This beautiful treatment encourages the production of new skin cells as the old ones are sloughed off, increases skin blood circulation, improves skin tone, hydrates and nourishes and finally leaving a smooth, polished appearance…all in all leaving you with a splendid Salt GLOW.



This SIMPLE yet VITAL aspect of your daily habits is key to promoting health and beautiful skin.

Why is this so? It…

  • Prevents dehydration
  • Clears toxins
  • Promotes the healing process
  • Controls overeating and promotes weight loss
  • Improves wakefulness and brain function


  • First determine how much water you need in a day:
    • Water intake depends on the individuals weight, activity level, and climate
    • Divide weight (in kg) by 30- this will equal the amount of water needed/ day in litres.
    • E.g/ an individual that is 70kg will divide 70 by 30= 2.3 L
    • Measure your daily intake of water. If you find that you are consuming less than your recommended daily intake then try:
      • Bringing a measured water bottle or drinking container everywhere you go (especially if you will be in one spot for a long time like in the office or at school.)
      • If the problem is the flavor of water try adding lemons, limes or mint to each drink.

** On hot and humid days make sure to increase your water intake beyond your daily intake goal.


Has anyone tried some of these techniques? Have they worked for you?

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