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Canadian Beauty Review: Windmill Hill…the Beauty of Simplicity

Earlier this year I had these DELICIOUS skin care goodies sent to me from Windmill Hill and ever since I’ve been savoring each product for both their individual scent and sheer beauty value. I love their mantra “simple is best,”as a husband and wife sought out to create wholesome skincare with the most natural ingredients–all without breaking the bank. About 15 years later, they continue to create high quality bath and beauty products only now it’s for everyone to indulge in (and without US having to break the bank as well). Everything is literally handcrafted by skilled artisans (this dynamic duo ;)) in Southern Ontario and all of the ingredients are locally sourced. It’s very rewarding to get the best in bath and beauty while also being able to support local entrepreneurs, and at such a reasonable cost in comparison to similar products on the market.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to enjoy their moisturizing cream, tub truffles (wow!), spa soap, lip butter, and sea salt scrub.

Let’s start with the Spa Soap:


I’d like to point out that I’ve been a longtime fan of shower gel without really paying much attention to soap, almost as if I thought of it as out-dated. But lately I’ve been trying all kinds of incredible soap bars…starting with THESE. Oh my Gosh, they smell fantastic. The essential oils in each bar stimulates the senses while high quality ingredients like coconut oil, french green clay, and cocoa powder (depending on the spa bar) makes your skin feel so fresh and smooth. The beautiful marble designs look great in your shower too–if you ever have company that is (after reading 50 Shades, you just never know…right?) 🙂

Next, the Moisturizing Cream:

I can’t even decide which one is my favorite. What I actually ended up doing was lining them up on my counter and just using whatever scent I felt like for the day. When you put it on it’s almost as if you can taste it–like the mango in that picture above. Also, what I loved about their moisturizer is that it doesn’t go on oily and provides just the right amount of hydration. If you’re wearing silk for example, you wouldn’t have to worry about it leaving a mark if you tend to lather on your moisturizer. And they’re only umm $9 for a bottle.

Salt Scrub….because exfoliating is SOOO important:

Again, amazing scents and it does the job. It’s extremely important to exfoliate daily because your skin is constantly renewing itself and you need to help slough off all the dead skin cells (don’t leave it for your bed bugs). Also, who doesn’t want smooth legs?

Ok… Tub Truffles? LOVE.

They are just as delicious as the name sounds. They also come in the cutest packaging ever–perfect for a little “I thought of you” gift. They are literally shaped like little truffles and you just throw in one…or your bath depending on the level of silkiness you’d like to achieve and simply enjoy. You won’t even need to moisturize afterward. All you need to do is light a soy candle (lead-free is paramount these days) and you’re good to go.

Last but definitely not least… Lip Butter:

Everyone needs a little Lip Butter in their life. Especially this chocolate one over here. The only challenge is not licking it off. It’ll be worth it if you can resist, since your lips will be ever so soft.

Now it seems to me you’re a silk queen from head to toe! 😉

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