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5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Joints Young

Joints are like the glue that holds the body together, connecting bone to bone, creating both stability and movement within the same space. And like any machine – they need to be maintained! Over time your joints can become inflamed and there could also be a loss of the synovial fluid that keeps them “well oiled”. These issues can lead ... Read More »

Handstand Progression Challenge Outcomes #EvenBetter

What an awesome {and challenging!} journey it’s been practicing handstands daily. Although it’s only been 2 weeks, I’m amazed at how well my body has responded to consistent practice. From barely being able to gather the arm strength to do a wall-assisted handstand, to holding the wall-assisted posture for longer than a minute – so exciting! It also seems the ... Read More »

Handstand Progression Challenge #EvenBetter

Recently, I was challenged by Ocean Spray® to set a new healthy goal for myself over the next few weeks, and because these are the very things I find most exciting these days *no sarcasm here*, I was definitely game! Since I’ve been striving to deepen my yoga practice (and wondering how on earth people master handstands so beautifully), I ... Read More »

WIN a $10,000 Home Makeover with Artemano

Artemano, my favorite home decor destination, has recently launched their Artemano Family Moments campaign! They are sharing their very own family moments and favorite Artemano treasures on their blog and are inviting you to participate in-store to WIN. Read full contest details below 🙂 The art of building ambiances and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes ... Read More »

Lemon Poppy Seed Bites Recipe

I’m SUCH a foodie, and desserts are hands down my favorite dish. The key to satisfying my dessert cravings however, is making them healthy and guilt-free, while still mind-blowing to the palate. Because….why can’t you have it all?! So if you’re looking for a quick and delicious snack (or an after dinner delight), these lemon poppy seed bites are for ... Read More »

Glow Gorgeous {Anti-Aging} Smoothie Bowl Recipe + ENTER TO WIN

Want to eat your way to gorgeous, glowing skin? Then this recipe is for you! Packed with nutrients, super-foods, and all-around delicious ingredients – this is a smoothie bowl that not only tastes amazing, but will rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Check out what the ingredients are doing for you on a cellular level and don’t forget to ... Read More »

Your Guide to an Epic Detox

If you’re feeling sluggish, struggling with skin problems, puffy eyes, allergies, bloating, trouble sleeping, brain fog, can’t seem to lose weight, or just don’t feel like your optimal self – chances are, you could use a detox! Not only is it important to keep a minimal toxic load on the regular (I’ll explain what that means shortly), but your body ... Read More »

Girlfriend’s Gift Guide to Titika Active Couture Bras

From left to right: Irina, Gillian, and myself Photography: Soteeoh | Hair: Taz Hair Co. | Wardrobe Styling & Clothing: Titika Active Couture | Videography: Sight Seven Productions | Location: Revolution MMA There’s nothing like having a blast with your girlfriends, especially when it extends to fitness, work, AND play! I’ve been friends with these amazing gals for the past ... Read More »

Fall 2015 Must Haves + Kam Dhillon Eyewear Giveaway!

With the turn of September it’s as if the season immediately responded – leaves are falling, I’ve harvested everything left of my garden, back to school vibes are in the air, and the temperature is cooling! Coming back from the heat of Hawaii this is certainly a big difference, however I hold a deep appreciation for the Autumn colors and ... Read More »

Dreaming at Le Rève

If you’re looking for a resort that feels like a private beachfront residence, then Le Rève is the best kept secret I know, as it comes complete with all-inclusive 5-star meals and open bar service. Le Rève, meaning ‘The Dream’, completely embodies this haute, boutique-style name. The 25 room boutique style hotel is steps away from the Caribbean Sea, I ... Read More »

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