Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Channel your Inner Barbie Doll because this Post is Inspired by Pink!

A pink world is a perfect world–or at least I’d like to think so! This post is inspired by all things PINK that are new and hot this season, helping you to channel that inner barbie doll 😉 Read on, at the end we have a special giveaway!

Have you heard of the POP Phone?

This must-have phone accessory has been all the rage lately—and I can totally see why! It’s a retro handset that plugs into ANY device, making talking a lot easier, fun, and equally fashionable. It’s super comfortable and offers a variety of practical functions over using just your basic cell device. It has a noise reduction system so your caller can hear you over any annoying background noise, it’s high quality speaker and microphone ensures smooth flow of conversation without the “whaaaa”? that so commonly happens with cell phones, and it eliminates 99% of absorbed phone radiation–YES it’s not just your microwave! The fact that it takes away possible carcinogenic waves completely hits it home for me and is the best part, aside from its ultra chic design 😉

It was also LA Fashion Week’s most on-trend accessory and had everyone talking—literally. The Native Union POP Phone handset takes retro style beyond the threads and has already earned its designer cred in the hands of Mary Alice Stephenson, Alice + Olivia, and Oscar de la Renta, who have all been photographed using the phones.

I absolutely love mine and it’s easily become one of my staple items! Not to mention–it’s PINK!!!

Available in 14 bright colors, the phones make for a fun and playful accessory for any segment. It is available for purchase for $29.99 at

PINK Nails

I absolutely adore this pink shade of Nicole by OPI–it’s called “UP & KIM-ING PINK” and if you haven’t guessed it… it’s from the Kardashian Kolor collection 🙂 It goes great with so many outfits and my nails look soft and lacquered in almost no time—it dries super fast and it took me just under 10 minutes to apply!


Wow, I am head over heels for this lululemon Dhanaurasana Crop! I’ve just been so eager to wear it, it hasn’t even made its way to the yoga studio for me yet. So versatile, stylish, comfortable, flirty, and ever so flattering. It’s such a bright addition to my casual day outfits and quite the showstopper. Ok I’m going to stop dancing around the point here–it’s HOT. And I cannot wait to rock it in the studio also 🙂 


These chic little wipes are making their way into women’s purses everywhere for the quickest and most convenient way to freshen up! It is the FIRST naturally formulated cleansing wipe–biodegradable, paraben free, and hypoallergenic (safe on all body parties, ladies!). They are also individually wrapped making them light and readily accessible for the woman on the go. These cruelty-free, vegan wipes offer an alternative solution to harsh soaps and alcohol, while also being environmentally friendly. I’m in Love <3

While they are popping up everywhere including your local spas, waxing bars, and yoga studios—you get a chance to WIN your very own box to try here!! **There will be 2 Lucky Winners**

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  1. I have a bear who sings I HOPE YOU DANCE and she is wearing a pink turban and shawl as she is a breast cancer survivor. She is my favorite ‘pink’ item.

  2. My sister! Seriously. She’s always in pink.

  3. My little girl… she loves everything Pink!

  4. jeccica simpson

    My fav PINK item is cotton candy , the perfet pale pink?? LOVE IT!!

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