Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Christian Louboutin’s Newest Masterpiece?

Photo Credit: @LouboutinWorld on twitter

Christian Louboutin recently stated in an interview that he does not care if his shoes hurt women, blatantly stating “If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.” Well seeing what he’s freshly been working on it seems that the famed shoe designer is far from joking! Behold, what appears to be a ballerina inspired shoe in the picture above and Louboutin in action creating what will surely be a fashion that, if not a bestseller will be the target of explosive controversy.

One thing though, he’s definitely not shy about displaying his imaginative power which is probably what makes him so prodigious. He expresses that when a woman decides to wear a pair of high heels “pleasure is pain” and he does not sympathize.

Louboutin continues to share with us his unique creativity and somewhat unusual perceptions beginning with the invention of toe cleavage and red soles….and to end with… ? Like a wine… he seems to get better with age, only continuing to impress. Although, ballerina slippers may require some training before attempting to conquer them out on the town–he also has a selection of gorgeous up and coming wearable pieces:

Photo Credit: @LouboutinWorld on Twitter

Quotes taken from Christian Louboutin: I don’t care if my high heels hurt women

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