Monday , 23 April 2018
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Clarins Spring In Shape

Clarins Body Lift

During WMCFW in Toronto, Clarins held a super exclusive spa event at their Spa My Blend location at the Ritz. It was the Clarins In Shape Event showcasing how to best whip your body into shape for summer…which believe it or not is soon coming! With advice from top health and fitness experts, delicious treats, a complete spa tour (did I mention the green tea infused jacuzzi? AMAZE), and the launch of their Body Lift Cellulite Smoother–summer here we come! 🙂

During their presentation, Clarins’ experts demonstrated that in order to combat stubborn cellulite it is a MUST to incorporate diet AND exercise along with the regular use of body products. This is very important advice since many of us simply try to search for that miracle product that will cure all of our problems, when in fact it requires a holistic approach. So when it comes to health and beauty there is no room for laziness, but if you do it right you will no doubt reap the fabulous rewards–like a perfect beach bum ;). Now let me just say how much I’m loving the new Body Lift by Clarins. It smells amazingly fresh and literally invigorates the senses with energizing peppermint and a host of other exotic ingredients. When you apply it to your legs it is extremely soothing and cooling to the skin, while also drying fairly quickly and leaving no sort of sticky residue. This is amazing since most of us are usually in a hurry to get dressed and GO! I definitely noticed immediate improvement since it seemed to tighten and hydrate at the same time. What its actually doing on a molecular level is slowing down the storage of cellulite and stopping it from forming. Pretty amazing stuff right? And once you combine this with a healthy diet and exercise you’ve found no better way to battle cellulite or even PREVENT it from forming.

*TIP* Remember to always (and this goes for any cream) start from your ankles and move upwards when applying lotion since you want to encourage blood flow back to your heart.


Yogagurl at SPA my Blend by Clarins

The Ritz Carlton Toronto

A Warm Welcome from the Ritz Toronto

Clarins Green Tea Pool

The Green-Tea Infused Jacuzzi at SPA my Blend

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure anyone? It’s wonderful for all kinds of ailments!

Yoga Room at the Ritz Toronto

Who wouldn’t want to do yoga in this gorgeous space?

Desserts at Clarins Spa Event

Some delicious treats before we all start our summer diets 🙂

Clarins In Shape Bag

Super amazing swag bag from Clarins

Ritz Toronto

And then it was time to say goodbye 🙂

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