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Who was Cleopatra?

Born in 69 B.C was a woman with incredible charm and charisma, Cleopatra. She ruled Egypt for 21 years as the last Pharaoh before Rome took over following her suicide. Interestingly, she was not an Egyptian but a Macedonian Greek descended from Ptolemy I, Greek general of Alexander the Great. With remarkable magnetism she not only captivated the hearts of her citizens but also the passionate love of her partners.

Surprisingly however, there is evidence that Cleopatra did not possess the beauty and sensuality we would have expected her to have. Her real beauty lay within her charismatic allure and her ability to influence. She spoke 9 languages and held the vision and foresight to rule.  Her intelligence was in unsurpassed and she carried the supreme power of persuasion, holding the ability to convince anyone of her intentions. Cleopatra’s rule began when her father ordered her to wed her 12 year old brother Ptolemy XIII when she was 18. Four years later Ptolemy drowned leaving the former young Queen determined to secure herself in reign.

Demonstrating her cleverness, Cleopatra seized the opportunity to sneak herself to the presence of Julius Caesar during his stay in Egypt. She wrapped herself in an ornamental carpet which would be sent to Caesar’s suite, a sure surprise to the Roman General.   There she would be unravelled and seduce him with charm, while impressing him enough to appoint her back to her  position of royalty as Queen of Egypt. Caeser was mesmerized by her, they became lovers and Cleopatra gave birth to his only son Caesarion.

After the assassination of Caesar in 44BC, Cleopatra met and fell in love with Marc Antony who was a general in Caesar’s army. They subsequently married and had 3 children together. Octavian, Caesar’s adopted grandson and also a general had been granted the ruling power as Caesar`s successor. Cleopatra’s plan to overthrow Octavian and rule with Antony was unsuccessful and Octavian pitted the Roman citizens against the couple.  Naming Cleopatra a foreigner and calling out Marc Antony`s foolish intentions of letting her rule, Octavian won over the support of the Roman people.

Ensuing these unfortunate events, the lovers faced a further tragedy. Octavian had won the battle of Actium, defeating Antony and Cleopatra’s ships forcing them to flee to Egypt. However, Octavian’s army steadily approached throwing Antony into battle. Then leaving a romantic impression of Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra’s husband Antony committed suicide on the battlefield after hearing the mistaken news reported to him telling of Cleopatra’s death. Upon hearing of Antony’s suicide, Cleopatra arranged for her own death by poisonous snakebite.

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