Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Costa Blanca Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing the magic behind Costa Blanca‘s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. From tables of fashion accessories to racks of desirable new trends, a photography set-up that was ingeniously placed, and of course the A-team of individuals behind it all–it was a huge treat for me to say the least. It wasn’t long before I easily become obsessed with every look…just take a peek below and see what I mean.

For one, it completely sold me on crop tops and the many different styles and ways you can wear them (hold off on the décolletage because mid-drift is IN). Whether it be classy with a sharp pencil skirt, bohemian with long flowing florals, or fem-chic with a pop of bright emerald shorts and a bejewelled belt–you can make it your own.

Florals and black & white stripes are still going strong, and the jumper has become THE must have look for the season. Also, coral, white linens, geometric prints, and ripped jeans are all beautifully incorporated into the collection and even just a few of these items can be intermixed and styled all summer long. Oh, and their skinny version of the Harem pant will have you SWOONING (I was, anyway :)).

“Costa Blanca’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is filled with pieces that are fresh and feminine, combining stripes and florals to classic prints that add to any wardrobe.  Style is simple.
Our new favourite essential is our crop tops found in many fabrics and shapes. This look is our favourite item to be worn with anything from a high-waisted skirt, thrown over a dress or paired down with jeans.”

– Elvie Capano, Buyer at Costa Blanca

Campaign Details
Model: Lina Shekhovtsova
Photographer: Greg Swales
Fashion Stylist: Amy Lu
costa-blanca-SS-14-black-floral costa-blanca-SS-14-crop-top-stripes costa-blanca-SS-14-crop-top costa-blanca-SS-14-emerald costa-blanca-SS-14-floral-skirt costa-blanca-SS-14-green-shorts costa-blanca-SS-14-jumper costa-blanca-SS-14-linen costa-blanca-SS-14-long-skirt costa-blanca-SS-14-pink-dress costa-blanca-SS-14-torn-jeans costa-blanca-SS-14-white-dress costa-blanca-SS-14-white costa-blanca-SS-14
Tell me you don’t want everything? 😉

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