Monday , 23 April 2018
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10 Ways to Keep Him or Her

From dating game to relationship, here are some ground rules to help you make it work!
1. Don’t change them— Don’t try and change a person, love even their quirks. If you find yourself picking and criticizing there may be a larger issue at hand. When you begin to love someone, you find yourself admiring even their flaws.
2. Be prepared to compromise—sure the single life was fun but a relationship is a different, yet still an exciting ball game. Together you decide what the playing field is and you both make changes for each other.
3. No pushing, let things flow—in the end it is a reason, a season, or a lifetime. You will know when the time is right to take things further or if your relationship has reached a plateau. Also, you shouldn’t live too much in the future because you’ll miss the moment and that… is where the joy always is.
4. Give and receive—never just take. As the old adage goes, those who take too much end up with nothing. That may be a little harsh but the point is that a relationship is only good as the effort that is put into it…on both ends.
5. Laugh and smile—being with each other should be fun and laughter should come easy. This makes you look forward to your time together and only brings you closer. Relax and enjoy each other.
6. How much time in a week? Give each other space to handle their other priorities like work, family, and personal time. Spend enough time to keep the relationship strong without suffocating each other. When there’s time apart the heart grows stronger.

7. Make an effort to know each other’s friends-–no need to go too far; just enough to show your partner you care. Treat them as an extension of your own group of friends, they matter to your significant other and so does their opinion.
8. Communicate—never assume that the other person knows what you’re thinking, especially when you are still getting to know each other. Share what bothers you (without nagging), it gives the other person a head’s up and it stops frustration from building.
9. Alone time–Dedicate together time. It’s nice to go on double dates or invite friends around but don’t forget to leave time to be alone with each other. It’s easy to get comfortable and caught up with having people around but it will burst the romance if you let it.
10. TRUST—no relationship is complete without it, not to mention all the energy that would be lost worrying. Have faith and trust that the other person is loyal. If they choose to compromise that, it’s their loss.

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