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Day 2 Hair Trends World MasterCard Fashion Week

On day 2 of World MasterCard Fashion Week, REDKEN was busy backstage prepping fresh trendsetting hair styles for designers DUY, SID NEIGUM, and LAURA SEIGAL. Take a look below for some hair inspiration and how to re-create these Fall 2013 runway styles!

DUY: Refined Elegance

I’d definitely opt for this sophisticated up-do that has a very new worldish spin to it. It’s actually a twisted braid that has been over-swept and laid beneath this model’s smoothly combed top hair.


Photo Credit: Redken Canada

SID NEIGUM: New Heights

Now isn’t that an understatement! I’m not sure I’d go for this on any regular day–although it was quite impressive to look at. This height was achieved by wrapping hair with leather braids and using also strands of the model’s own hair to contrast the effect while framing it.


Photo Credit: Redken Canada

LAURA SEIGAL: Soft, Natural, Undone Texture

My favorite hairstyle on this day (possibly because it most closely resembles my own style–what can I say change is difficult!).


Photo Credit: Redken Canada

To create this look:
1. Wrap dry the hair with Redken Fabricate 03 (a heat active texturizer) in order to prep the hair and eliminate hair memory – doing this will allow the hair to fall naturally. 2. Take a section of hair and spray with Redken Iron Shape 11 (a finishing thermal spray) to protect the hair while curling–you want to avoid damaging your hair and thus eliminating future breakage!3. With a loose 1.5 inch iron, curl OUT loose waves in an alternate direction each section of hair – roll back one section, then roll frontwards the next to create a disheveled look. Remember, you want it to look a bit messy which is why alternating curl directions works perfectly here.

4. Finish with Redken Fashion Work 12 (a versatile working spray).

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