Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Designer Glam: Why Jovani Dresses Are at the Top

Photo Credit: Virgil Knapp
Hair Stylist: Michelle McCallum

When it comes to creating a unique and stunning dress, for ANY kind of occasion, designer JOVANI is at the forefront of style, flair, and all around GLAM. Each and every one of their pieces are carefully crafted with the HIGHEST quality materials and individual effort to produce dresses that are all equally breath-taking. What I adore about their line is their great attention to detail and the fact that wearing one of their dresses actually makes you LOOK and FEEL like a million bucks. It’s seriously worth every penny. There’s NO comparison I find…their line is really first class! And what’s even more amazing is that they have SO many options to choose from, depending on whether you’re going for a party look or even ballroom/evening, you will definitely stand out at any event you wear it to. You ALSO won’t have to worry about having the same dress as someone else…there are just so many different pieces and each one is like a secret jewel.

Photo Credit: Virgil Knapp
Hair Stylist: Michelle McCallum

So obviously I HAD to include one of their dresses in my fall fashion shoot both because I think they are AMAZING and because I think we should all treat ourselves to at least one KNOCKOUT dress per season. I didn’t get this dress from any store in Toronto, what I did was use based in LA for a few great reasons:

  1. They have the BEST prices. (I had purchased one Jovani Dress–different from this shoot–from them for $450 and literally saw it 2 weeks later in Miami for $750). No joke. Lincoln Road.
  2. The delivery was FAST. I got it within the same week absolutely no hassle.
  3. They have a HUGE selection.
  4. They included free jewelery to match the dress! BOTH earrings and necklace shown above. This saved me time from having to search on my own!!

Wow. Should I go on? Best. Service. Ever.

Photo Credit: Virgil Knapp
Hair Stylist: Michelle McCallum

More details on this gorgeous dress though because it may be a little hard to see from the picture. There is a champagne color underlay beneath the stunning red embroidery. Also, carefully sewn into the embroidery are maybe a THOUSAND bits of tiny sequins and beads. The glam factor is incredible and you can literally feel the difference in quality when you put it on. I’m SO impressed with this line! 🙂

Photo Credit: Virgil Knapp
Hair Stylist: Michelle McCallum

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