Thursday , 19 April 2018
Beauty Tips

Follow Your Dreams

If you have a dream …
Don’t wait for some distant day to come, it may be too late before you’ve even begun.

Not everyone will agree with all you decide …
Sometimes “the majority” only means that all the fools are on the same side.

Be true to yourself first and foremost …
The only important thing in life is what you do with the time you spend here on earth.

Don’t be afraid to follow your desires …
They are neither silly nor selfish; take the time and do what makes you feel alive.

Leave your fears and regrets in the past …

Our eyes are placed in front because it’s more important to look ahead than to look back.

If you look back, your journey is ended …
You have only today to begin anew and follow your dreams, for in the end, all we have are our memories.

Do not quiet your dreams …
When the twilight comes to us, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets!

~ Author Unknown ~

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