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As you may know from my frequent skin care postings I am always on the lookout for new and improved skin care regimens that are effective–and hopefully not at a pretty penny! In my opinion, the vitality of your skin is far more important than any wardrobe selection so you owe it to yourself to find a skin care line that delivers you it’s maximum potential. A few months ago I had the pleasure of trying the Miracle10 skin care experience and let me tell YOU there is a reason why their motto is EXTRAORDINARY Skin Care!

My experience started with a visit to their gorgeous Yorkville Boutique (as shown above, WOW!) where I received my personal skin care analysis by a Miracle10 professional followed by their celebrated 45 minute Miracle10 peel. Ok… I’ve never experienced a facial like this one before. And let me tell you why…

They use a dermaplaning exfoliation treatment which is a blading or ‘leveling’ of your skin that removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells (2-3 weeks worth, YIKES!) leaving it immediately SMOOTH. You are literally uncovering the radiance beneath your dead (in the winter probably flaky) skin to reveal the suppleness beneath. Combined with this treatment is the application of mild lactic and glycolic acids, a fruit enzyme scrub, and a soothing mask (all from the Miracle10 skin laboratory). This is designed to target congested pores and lifeless skin cells allowing the skin to regenerate and breathe while also preparing it for the maximum delivery of product, alas making it MUCH more effective.

Excited yet? I hope so because this Miracle10 Facial is part of the Giveaway! 🙂

After my remarkable facial I was sent home with the Miracle10 Cleanser II, Solution I (toner), the Light Serum (for day), and the AHA cream along with the Veil (for night). Honestly, even within the first few days I noticed a big difference–my complexion looked brighter and visibly more even. After a week, the dryness I was experiencing from the cold weather pretty much disappeared and my concealer stick also got a well-deserved break. MOST importantly I was clear of breakouts since this regime seemed to completely balance my skin. I’d have to say my favorite part of this line is the toner– I couldn’t get enough because it made my face feel SOOO CLEANNN. Needless to say it’s the first thing I ran out of!

I definitely must recommend trying this skin care line for anyone who is looking to improve their skin and experience maximum results. Their products are very affordable for what they achieve (toner 120ml is $29) and their facials are one to fit into your permanent beauty up-keep. Best part is their line is completely risk-free… they let you send it back if you are not happy with the results for a full refund–although I’m telling you it won’t be necessary!

Finally, I was SO very excited to share this line that the beautiful woman behind it all (Elizabeth Lista, picture above :)) was gracious enough to let me giveaway this incredible experience to 3 Lucky Winners!

Here’s what you get:

– 45 minute Glycolic & Lactic Acid PEEL with Dermaplaning exfoliation

– A Travel Deluxe Pack with Miracle10’s Cleanser I, Solution I, and AHA Cream (as shown below!)

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Good Luck! Winner’s will be selected by June 1st, 2012!

*Disclosure: This is NOT a paid posting, treatments were complimentary. All opinions are 100% mine!*

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  1. Michelle McCallum

    I’d love to try this Miracle10 Skin Care Experience because #1, I’ve never tried anything of this sort before and #2 I’ve been having problems with my skin lately and would like to see if this helps!

  2. I would love to pamper myself with Miracle 10. I have rosacea, but it is under control, so my skin looks pretty good, but is sensitive. I could use a good facial, it has been a while since I have had one, and I would love some advise about what to do with the skin my neck, sometimes it looks like crepe paper.

    I liked all the pages, joined the mail list and I will share on twitter!

  3. I’d love to try this new brand because I’m always up for new products that benefit my skin and make my morning or night routine fabulous! 🙂 xo

  4. This would be a dream for me! School has wreaked havoc on my skin this year. Thanks for putting this out!

  5. This product sounds amazing and I trust my beautiful friend’s recommendations 🙂

  6. I love that they’re affordable and have great results so I’d really like to try them. Thank you.

  7. This sounds incredible! Thank you so much for putting this out there. You’re amazing with your constant suggestions and have such beautiful skin =)…I need to make mine look like yours hahaha..thanks again gorgeous!

  8. popescu mihaela

    My skin looks bad lately and I am getting married soon so it would be great to try these products, maybe it helps me look better for the big day ^_^

  9. Following you both on FB and Twitter! My skin is in need of a cleanse from all waste in the air and damage from the sun.

  10. When your husband notices that somethings different and actually notices how great your skin looks I say Miracle 10 is just that…a miracle 😀

  11. Always looking for the products that will make a difference for my skin. I heard about this on the radio and am curious to see if the results would be as advertised.

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