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Everything You Need to Get Your BEACH On this Summer 2012

We are at the peak of the summer months and I’d like to celebrate that with some beach (or pool!) worthy items to keep you on trend and looking good. First and most obvious, you need to show off your hard earned bikini bod with just that…the perfect bikini. A lot goes into choosing the right bikini because it should not only look good itself but compliment your own curves and body type. Also, I appreciate the quality of a bikini over how many I can buy for the same price. I’d hate to wear it once and have it snag or have parts that are sewn on to accessorize the bikini easily fall off. And last, it’s a great feature to have a bikini that is versatile–that you can wear poolside and dress it up with a pair of heels if its an afternoon event or party. Then when the sun goes down just throw on a elegant coverup and your looking fabulous straight into the evening without having to leave.


I came across this FAB line called NUA Swimwear that offers exactly the stylish, chic, high-quality swimwear I’m talking about.

I purchased two bikinis from their line:

The Xadrez

I chose this because the patten on this suit is so eye-catching and the criss-crossed top offers an added touch to the ensemble (which is optional–you can chose to wear it the other way also). It fits really well and the bottoms shape nicely to create a thinner looking waist–whereas some bikinis that have too thin and tight of a waistband can make you look the opposite. Because of it’s gorgeous complimentary colors it also looks great poolside with a pair of heels and even a nice piece of jewelry. And with its high-quality material it will last longer than a regular suit!

And the Fumo Swimsuit

This suit is literally stunning. When I put it on along with a pair of big black shades I felt like a movie star. It’s ultra chic and flatters your chest no matter what size you are. The hoodie is also optional but I think its the perfect completion to its very European look. Classy, flattering, and ever so versatile.

An Organic, Chemical-Free SPF

We all know of the extreme importance of wearing sunscreen (have you seen the truck driver case?!) Pretty much equally important is getting the right sunscreen and by that I mean something that isn’t laden with chemicals that will destroy your body in the inside while protecting the outside (terrible, right?). On that note it is fundamentally important to find a product that is not only produced without synthetic ingredients (i.e., parabens, titanium dioxide, synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, benzoates, sodium lauryl sulfate–there is a lot out there!) but naturally and organically derived. Wearing products that contain natural ingredients carry an additional bonus in that they won’t irritate your skin like synthetic ones and will improve the health of your skin overall as well. A brand I recently tried is from Soleo Organics and they offer a truly great product.

I spent a weekend out in the sun in Miami and am completely burn-free–I swear my skin also looks healthier. The product goes on smooth, it doesn’t have that synthetic smell that most sun-tan lotions have, and it’s completely worry-free. I lathered myself up in it and actually enjoyed the sun scorching down on me (with frequent diving trips into the ocean of course). As soon as I run out, I plan on stocking up on this great item.

Stay Hairless My Friends

In my opinion, there’s nothing more unsightly than hair…anywhere except on your head! Needless to say, if you are frequenting the beach or pool you will probably want to be hair-free.  There are literally TONS of hair removal treatments out there since this is such a top beauty priority for both men and women alike. Laser hair removal has been the best option yet (I still cringe when I think about electrolysis) and shaving is a complete no-no unless your skin is immune to razor bumps. However, with a sun-tan laser hair removal isn’t always possible. I have recently tried two great alternative options that will keep your body smooth and hairless during the summer months as well as year-round.

Parissa Wax Strips

For me these (natural!) wax strips actually work even better than any synthetic brand. They are a simple yet effective combo of pine resin, castor oil, and beeswax. The Azulene oil is also perfect for calming any redness after waxing as it contains a combo of isopropyl myristate (vegetable source), vitamin E, azulene, and menthol crystals. I think these strips are perfect especially for touch-ups in between laser treatments. For me it was great because I had no irritation and they were extremely quick and easy to use. Even more importantly—zero mess. Great item–also the perfect size for your travel bag 😉

TANDA me Elos Technology

I got to try this unique product which is an at-home hair removal device that combines IPL and RF waves to actually deliver a more permanent hair removal treatment. With each pulse of light it destroys the hair follicle so that with each use you have less hair grow back. This is pretty much like a professional treatment only its at home and on your own time. Personally, I liked it and think it’s great because the major problem I’ve had with salon treatments is that your skin must be nearly ghost white in order to have the treatment (which is why I can only do it in the winter, pending whether or not I decide to travel). Now I know there are lasers for tanned skin however, in my experience, they aren’t as effective and definitely not worth the price. So this at home machine seemed like and is a great option to have. It doesn’t hurt at all and is fairly quick, all you have to do is glide it over the desired areas and let it pulse. Not only that it is a much more cost-friendly item if compared to salon laser treatments. Now I must say that I DO enjoy the occasional salon treatment since it is extremely effective (however painful), BUT, I have saved two $800 trips since I started using this machine. I think this is a great device to have, especially since your schedule may not always be accommodating to a 3-hour laser session or your pocket may not be either! I think it’s well worth it to have, especially for these crucial summer months 🙂

White Teeth

Do I really have to explain why this is a necessity–ANY TIME OF YEAR? 🙂 Problem is, not too many people realize when they need a little whitening. As a general rule of thumb–I aim to do a series of whitening treatments 1-2 times per year, especially since I enjoy LOVE red wine and coffee. However, when I first started to whiten my teeth (with Crest Whitestrips) there was the major drawback of having increased tooth sensitivity. For as many as 2 days after a treatment my teeth felt very sensitive and it wasn’t a comfortable feeling at all, almost not worth it. Their product did get better over time, although, the sensitivity still remained even if to a lesser degree. Determined to avoid that altogether, I tried two treatments from my dentist. One was the whitening trays that you take home and the other was the in-office laser whitening. Although these treatments did not cause tooth sensitivity their downfall is that they are more expensive and the in-office treatments require more time and booking appointments on your part. SO, the latest product I’ve tried which I think is the very best way to go about teeth whitening (in my opinion) is actually made by the same company as the Tanda Me hair removal system. It’s called Tanda Pearl and it’s basically an ionic teeth whitening system that marries the benefits of 360 degree ionic whitening, with absolutely no tooth sensitivity (its enamel safe), and its only a 5-minute treatment that is done at home.

I also love the fact that it’s ergonomically designed to fit any mouth (so you don’t have to go to your dentist and go through the inconvenience of getting trays made) and the cost runs you much cheaper than having to go for regular in-office treatments. Best part is you immediately see results and each treatment also kills bacteria, reduces tartar build-up, and fights bad breath–so all in all its great for oral hygiene. I am SO happy with this product and will continue to use it solely as my only teeth whitening system.

There you have it! These summer necessities are sure to keep you looking and feeling your best for the rest of our summer months. I would also love to know what some of y0ur must-have beach/summer items are—or what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past. Feel free to comment below 🙂

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