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Fall 2012 Trends: Antik Batik Fashion, VS Smokey Eyes, and How to Perfect your Straight Hair Look!

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”
—Lauren Hutton

Antik Batik Fall Fashion 2012

Fall 2012 Pantone Color

Fall 2012 Pantone Color

To get this Fall look:

Antik Batik Bistro Dress in Black: Here

This Antik Batik dress is the perfect blend of Fall Fashion Pantone Colours: French Roast, Honey Gold, and Rose Smoke. It’s tailored perfectly for a relaxed, yet elegant fit; the open slit back balances the closed front for chic sex appeal. The beautifully designed sequence front makes an effortlessly gorgeous fall statement.

Christian Louboutin “Your Highness” in Black Patent: Here;  Similar Style (by Zanotti): Here

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”
—Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton Clutch in Monogram

Ring by BCBG (old)

Fall 2012 Pantone Color

“It’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk.”
—Rachel Zoe

The Smokey Eye is ALWAYS in, Especially for fall. Victoria’s Secret continues to impress, now taking the beauty world by storm with an ultra sexy cosmetics line. You may want to re-vamp your Smokey Eye using these seductive must-haves. I used the following in my look above and here’s how:

First, base your eyelid (using your fingertips is fine) with the VS Hypergloss Eye Shimmer in Golden Lights. This will create a sultry shimmer that will reflect beneath your eye-shadow and capture the dim night lights.

Next, using the VS Eye Shadow quad in “Eye Contact”, simply follow the directions (SO convenient!) imprinted on each shadow in the following sequence: Base your full eyelid, Brush the next shade (entitled “lid”) only on your Lid, Define your Crease , (it’s best to use a dome headed brush and gently pull your eyelid from the side to create a straighter line to shade the colour into) and last, Highlight just beneath your brows.

Next, I lined the base of the lash line with VS Makeup Brilliant Liquid Liner in Black and coated my lashes (twice) with VS Voluptuous Mascara in Black to complete the look!

My smokey eye was a light application– but if you’d like, you can also line your bottom lashes with the crease colour and/or liquid liner as well as layer the shadow into your crease to create a more intense look like so:

Fall 2012 VS Cosmetics–Brilliant Liquid Liner

Fall 2012 VS Cosmetics–Voluptuous Volume Mascara

Fall 2012 VS Cosmetics–Hypergloss Eye Shimmer
















Fall 2012 VS Cosmetics–Eye Shadow Quad in Eye Contact



Straight hair is also trending for this Fall 2012 Season. Prada is taking the straight haired look to a new level by slicking back the top for a fresh, out-of-face appearance:

While Jean-Paul Gaultier is emphasizing varied colored roots in keeps of the ombre look:

But he also pays due respect to the shiny, powerful yet simple classic:

Photo Credit: ImaxTree

If  your bangs are longer though (like mine), you can simply style them off to the sides. 🙂

And alas, here’s how to perfect your Fall 2012 Straight Hair:

First, you need a good set of products!

I absolutely love this new line called Structure by Joico. Lately I’ve been using almost EVERYTHING from their line, each product fitted for a different look–but at the same time ultra versatile. Their Cleanse and Conditioner–amazing for boosting volume and doesn’t contain those yucky parabens, sulfates, etc.

Fall 2012 Straight Hair

Specifically, for the Fall Straight Look I used:

Beach Texture Spray–sprayed onto damp hair. This will provide a light hold when styling your hair and will help you to side-sweep your bangs so they stay put, yet still flexible to your head movement.

I also love to use the “Dust” Matte Hair Powder, since even though I am going for a straight look it won’t be flat–which is undesirable. There is actually a difference. If you just lightly sprinkle the dust onto your roots (damp or dry hair) it gives them a light lift that you can simply comb through.

Last, you need something for possible fly-aways and you also have the option to smooth out the very ends of your hair with a soft texture paste. I used the Twist Styling Gum by Structure in order to do just that–tame flyways and smooth out ends, you only need a little!

Twist Styling Gum by Structure

Now, for some VERY important Blow-drying tips. First, you obviously need a good hair-dryer. What defines that exactly? Well something with ionic technology is best (this will provide you with a smoother finish), ceramic coating (to prevent over-drying/hair damage), more airflow so there is faster drying time (you’ve probably got places to be!), and a concentrator attachment (so you can direct the air exactly where you want it to go). These are just the minimum requirements, by the way.
Personally, I love my Rowenta Beauty Hair Dryer–I’ll never switch.

Rowenta Beauty–Fall 2012 Blowdry

Now, when you are blow-drying your hair for a straight-haired look it is very important to remember that you point the dryer downwards holding it above your scalp. This is going to prevent fly-aways and create a sleek, shinier appearance. This is also where the concentrated attachment becomes handy so you have more control over the direction of airflow. Be sure to also comb through as you are drying so your hair doesn’t tangle.

Now when you are finally ready to straighten using a flat iron it is best to work from the bottom up, sectioning off layers. You can either use a comb and flat iron simultaneously OR use a flat iron with a comb already attached. Again, I love using Rowenta. 🙂

Rowenta Beauty–Fall 2012 Look Straight Hair

Double Straight Rowenta Beauty

OK, a few more important things to remember:

  • Adjust the temperature to suit your hair type: hottest isn’t always best and you could be causing unnecessary damage to your precious strands. Finer hair requires less heat; Course hair will require more heat. Tressimple!
  • Working slowly, ALWAYS keep the straightener moving: You don’t want to cause indents and go over your strands more than you have too. Effect= smoother results & less damage.
  • Last, in order to style your medium hair-length bangs, just straighten them in the direction you want them to go (you should also blow dry them in that direction–that is, away from face; preferably using a radial brush) and then finish off with some light hairspray.

And… Ta-Da! You’re ready for your own Fall 2012 Runway 🙂

The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther

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  2. Thank I really enjoy the post and this couldn’t come at a better time. I really need a new hair strengthener and Rowenta now will definitely be on my list.

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