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Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup

Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Tutorial: How to Define your Features and Get a Flawless Look!

For this Fall 2012 Fashion Shoot I wanted to create a separate post for the NEW Fall/Winter Make Up I used. The purpose was to create what I think is a flawless look with defined features, perfect for day OR night. 🙂

What’s amazing about makeup is that you can literally shape your face to enhance or correct, achieving a look that is more refined and flawless, while still appearing very natural. You can enhance your own beauty in subtle ways to create what could be a dramatic effect. And much of this has to do with CONTOURING, which I think is a technique that it is a necessity to master! So read on and discover the “how-tos”…

Make Up/Beauty Product Used in Order of Application (ah, it’s quite a long but much desired list I promise!):

LANCOME Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl  (eye illuminating youth-activating concentrate)

“A woman’s eyes can be her most powerful weapon of seduction. They hold center stage in her face, expressing every emotion. But they can also instantly betray fatigue and signs of aging. When the radiance of the eyes fade, the entire face loses its vibrancy, expressiveness and its youth” –Youcef Nabi, President of Lancome

Ouch… sounds kind of scary! Truth is, the skin around our eyes is so thin and sensitive it is the first area to wrinkle and display the unwelcome signs of aging. That being said, it is SUPER important to keep this area hydrated and firm, while also leaving a smooth palette for your makeup application. What I love about this new breakthrough eye care by Lancome is that it is a COMPLETE 360  treatment that addresses dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles–basically, all of the issues that make us appear older, while ALSO providing all around BRIGHTENING and REJUVENATION.

This eye illuminator by Lancome just became available this past September and is KEY to having brighter eyes. Before you apply makeup it’s SO important to have a good palette to work with. That being said, this serum has made it to the top of my favorite list pretty quickly! It has a unique patented formula that revives the skin around the eye with its initial proteins (that actually melt into the skin) making them youthful and revived, in 7 days!! To help achieve this it even has a special applicator shaped like a teardrop that allows you to gently massage in the serum. This lovely thing is literally an eye-opener.

Smash Box Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

Primers are often underestimated but they actually play an indispensable role. First, it provides a more adhesive surface to which you will apply your foundation (therefore making it last much longer). Next, it absorbs any oil that will accumulate throughout the day, and your makeup will be less likely to smear. Last, it fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that they won’t be filled by pigment instead (and thus, your face will appear much smoother). Now, do you have your primer yet??? I love this one by Smashbox, it’s ultra smooth and also makes my face that way in seconds.

Smash Box Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation 2.3

Next, a great long-lasting foundation is essential (it would suck to wonder where your makeup went half way through the evening, wouldn’t it?). I apply my foundation with a brush for a more even, solid cover or with my hands if its daytime and I just want a lighter application to simply even out my skin tone. This is a great foundation by Smashbox…it lasts well into the evening, you need not worry!

Jouer Cosmetics Bronzer in Sunshine

$32 USD

Now although pale is in right now, a little glow is always welcome. I love this BEAUTIFUL mineral bronzer by Jouer Cosmetics as it delivers the perfect sun-kissed look while also enhancing the features which you are about to contour. Lightly brush this bronzer across your cheeks, up to your temples, and across your forehead and chin. And voila!

pssst…. This baby also has an SPF of 39!!! Not to mention it won’t dry out your skin or clog your pores while even delivering an active multiple hydration complex, with rich NATURAL botanicals and Vitamin E. I love it when make up is as guilt-free as this.

Smashbox CONTOUR Palette

I LOVE THIS PALETTE. I use it everyday without fail. It is the MUST HAVE for CONTOURING and it even shows you the step by step process on the back and comes with the perfect brush so you get it right every time. This here pretty much shows you how it’s done…

Jouer Cosmetics Blush in Peach Bouquet

$24 USD

I absolutely love using a little blush because it’s a mini facelift that also adds an instant glow to your cheekbone. This one by Jouer Cosmetics is AMAZING because it has the added benefit of free radical protection since it contains Japanese Green Tea Powder, as well as vitamins A, C, and E. All you do is apply it directly to the apples of your cheek and gently sweep upwards for the lifting part. I found that Peach Bouquet goes great with my skin tone (which is on the lighter side yet still a bit olive) but they have 6 other equally amazing shades to choose from. It’s also OIL-FREE and has light-diffusing properties for a softer finish!

Jouer Highlighter in Tiare
$20 USD

Probably one of the most important parts of this look (or any look for that matter)! This is a lightweight cream highlighter that instantly illuminates cheekbones, eyes, and decollete (aka your neck) giving them all a lift with a sheer, sheen luminescence finish. This shimmering gold is universally flattering so anyone can wear it. Not to mention its lightweight (like most of these products, so need not worry you won’t feel like you are packing on the makeup). You can probably spot the trend now that is just basically lifting, defining, and highlighting ALL the areas that should stand out more than the rest.

Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder in Light

Now that you have applied your makeup so beautifully you’ll want to set it so it lasts longer! What this AWESOME setting powder by Smashbox will do is adhere to the dampness of your foundation, creating somewhat of a seal so your makeup rests where it is supposed to. I think this Photo Set Pressed Powder is great because it really soaks up any oil that may surface throughout the day and can be applied while still keeping your makeup intact. Its a must-have in my purse!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow #30

MY FIRST AND LAST EYEBROW GEL–ALL I NEED!!! It honestly creates the perfect brow that doesn’t look penciled in–cuz it’s not a pencil 😀 All you need is a small angled brush and you just trace the outine of your brow blending it inward. The perfect brow companion and once it dries, it doesn’t move. Thank you Make Up For Ever!!!

Clarins Khôl Pencil Limited Edition $24.00

Clarins Khôl Pencil Limited Edition $24.00

I’ve always said Clarins is by far one of my most favorite lines and each time I try one of their new products I remember why. This eyeliner is worth every penny–it glides on super smooth for an easy and precise application. It’s color is “optimally intense, its wear perfect.” And its limited edition!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow Pencil–20 E

This is the PERFECT base color for your eyelid! It’s shimmery, it “pops”, and goes on so smoothly! I love golden colors, especially for fall/winter and this Aqua Shadow pencil by Make Up For Ever definitely takes the cake. I use it endlessly!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Cream Eyeshadow

Now to Realllllly make your eyes stand out you will need some intense black pigment–again completely covered by the one and only Make Up For Ever. I used a dome-shaped brush to apply this to my crease and gradually kept blending until I created an intense smokey eye while still leaving the first third of my eyelid golden. This is indispensable for a sultry evening look and provides just the right amount of depth. Another must!

Clarins 3-Dot Liner Limited Edition $28.00

All about precision (which is key if you want a clean eye makeup application–it would suck to start over after all this, wouldn’t it?), this Clarins 3- Dot Liner has a trident-shaped sponge tip that makes it super easy to apply a precise, fine line, 3 dots at a time so that it actually falls in between each lash. Pretty amazing, right?! I thought so too!

*Oh and you can’t forget your Eyelash Curler…I have an old Revlon one and it works like a charm.* I curl my lashes both before and after applying mascara for the additional intense effect.

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara! LOVE

I’ve been using this mascara for years and still haven’t been able to replace it. Not an eyelash clump in sight with this baby! Just BIG, BEAUTIFUL, LASHES!!

MINK LASHES (by VELOUR LASHES) in “You Complete Me”

Umm no FAUX lashes will EVER compare! I was actually afraid to apply too much mascara because they are so dramatically beautiful just on their own. I always wear lashes for a big night out since you really want your eyes to be your prominent feature. These lashes are special because they are 100% authentic MINK fur making them long-lasting, lightweight, and comfortable on your delicate eyes. The ladies that created Velour took lashes to an elite status delivering a wearable product that is both high quality and pure LUXURY! Well done 😉

NARS Lipliner in Fantasia

Again, another product that has been a staple in my makeup bag for many years! This lip liner provides the perfect, soft outline for a nudish-pink lip.

Annabelle TwistUp in Absolute

And last but definitely not least, the Annabelle TwistUp in Absolute! A beautiful light shade that works well when you’ve gone for dramatic eyes. It’s always important to have balance so this was a great fit to complete my Fall/Winter 2012 look!

I hope you enjoyed this article! 🙂


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