Monday , 23 April 2018
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Fashion Customs Around the World

Ever wonder how to dress if you are travel to a major fashion capital? Here’s a few rules of thumb based on the city you are traveling to!

Fashion–Milan, Paris & New York

Milan—Hair is up to match their air of resilience and formality. No vintage or anything sporty, prints are colourful. Big brands right off the runway. Tanned skin, high heels. Impression of one not to be messed with.

Paris—Hair is messy. Not as much emphasis on brands– they mix vintage, with French brands and bargain finds. More covered (over-sized white tee’s are popular), but seems bare and fragile although never plain. Has a ‘come-hither’ kind of sexiness.

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New York– Black is always in. Casual is dressy. Always upscale and sophisticated. Big sunglasses. Always reinventing themselves, New York women know that style is them in their clothes, not the clothing on its own. Rules are ignored, clothes are mismatched.

Annnnd to my fellow Torontonians: do you think WE have a customary way of dressing?

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