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Fashion for the Environment: How MiiK Clothing is Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Wearing Miik Convertible Panel Dress

In moving towards a sustainable future for our beloved planet, we need to be looking at all aspects of our lives. The foods we eat and how they are grown, the types of resources we consume, and most definitely, the clothing we decide to wear! To shed light on the gravity of this proportion – in 2010 the world clothing and textile industry reached a whooping $2560 trillion/ year. And now? It’s upwards of 7 TRILLION! That’s a ton of clothing. If not done sustainably, this leaves a HUGE environmental footprint – with the amount of pesticides used in the growing of cotton, the chemicals and toxic dyes used in coloring them, the factory emissions of manufacturing facilities, and the landfill waste that goes with throwing away old trends. Not to mention if synthetic fabrics are used (which is inclusive of over 8000 chemicals), causing both adverse effects to the wearer and our dear Mother Earth.

SO as you might have noticed, wearing sustainable clothing has been a big deal for me since learning about these facts. And the best part? It benefits everyone. I have been on the hunt for companies that share the vision of keeping their practices as clean as their fabrics, and am elated every time I find one. You know what else? They are SUPER stylish and the most comfortable fabrics you’ll place next to your skin.

Recently I came across Miik, a 100% Canadian-made (support local!) and sustainable company that uses only natural fabrics, with a strong commitment in protecting the environment and giving back.

For us, sustainability goes beyond simply using greener fabrics and production processes. It even goes beyond producing locally in order to minimize our carbon footprint. What happens to the garment after it’s produced is just as important.

Miik-FashionEven more, they’re going further in actually challenging the fast-fashion model of temporary, disposable clothing. In their production of luxurious and natural fabrics, they maintain the goal of lengthening the time between purchasing the clothing you love, and it’s eventual disposal (thereby reducing waste!). Not only is their custom milling process made to produce durable fabrics that can be worn longer than your average piece of clothing, but they are creating convertible and timeless designs that you’ll want to re-wear!

They truly are a pioneer for a future of sustainability. Oh and did I mention? I LOVE their style!!

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Shop the entire Miik Collection here AND if you have yet to grab something for Mom this Mother’s Day, they have partnered with the Nanny Angel Network (NAN) – a charity that provides free, specialized in-home relief childcare for mothers diagnosed with cancer to produce something truly beautiful. Miik has created a one-of-a-kind infinity scarf (see below) in its custom bamboo fabric with 50% of profits going directly to the Nanny Angel Network. How amazing is that? 🙂

Miik + NAN Scarf 01

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