Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Fashion Pumpkin Carving: Designs Not Just for the Runway

If you are getting into the Halloween Spirit this year, why not channel your inner fashionista and make it glamorous? How you say? I’m talking about DESIGNER PUMPKINS!! After taking a look at these, I’ve never been so excited about arts and crafts…

Pumpkin Artist: Amanda Keiser of Refinery 29
Photo By: Shanita Sims

The Jack-O-Louis

Materials Needed: “A large pumpkin, dark brown acrylic paint, leather craft ribbon, and a Pumpkin Carving Kit.”

Time it took: 4 hours

Inspired By:

Pumpkin Artist: Christy Kurtz
Photo By: Shanita Sims

Glitter and Gold

Materials Needed: “Mod Podge, gold glitter, a paint brush, jewels, and super glue.”
Time It Took: “Three hours (plus glitter/mod podge dry time).”

Inspired by: Miu Miu’s Glitter and Gold Ankle Boots:

“The STUDkin

Materials Needed: “Black paint, two sizes of gold nails, and a mini pumpkin.”

Time it Took: 5 minutes….wuuut? + drying time

Inspired By: Balmain’s spring ’11 studded jacket

Pumpkin Artist: Viona Wang
Photo By: Shanita Sims

Cinderella’s Crystallized Chariot

Materials Needed: “Mini-pumpkin, silver spray paint, super glue, a pair of tweezers, plus hundreds of Swarovski Elements.”
Time It Took: “Seven hours.”

Inspired By: Cinderella of course!

I hope this post inspired you! Happy Carving 😉

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