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Beauty Tips

February 2011 E List

  1. Lindt Long Stem Rose– flowers or chocolate? Why not both. A cute and delicious Valentine’s Gift, this pack of smooth Lindor milk truffles is a great way to say I love you. Or buy it for yourself and enjoy it just as much, this product is mouth-watering and fun to share!  Find at your local Shoppers.
  2. Lorac TANtalizer— this body bronzing luminizer is one of my absolute favorite beauty products. It moisturizes, dries quickly, leaves no streaks, and instantly gives you that perfect sun-kissed, shimmery look. I use it as a moisturizing tint before I put on my foundation as well as on my body for an all-over glow. LOVE this product! Find it at Sephora for $32. It is quite the great buy, lasts me for about a month.
  3. LUSH Massage Bar (in Soft Coeur a.k.a. the honeymooner)–this melting chocolate heart massage bar is the secret to silky skin with the added bonus of a heavenly chocolate scent. It melts at body temperate so it easily glides on upon skin contact, making it also great for a romantic massage. It is made of Shea butter, Cocoa powder, and honey as its major ingredients and also the essential oils almond, sweet orange, and bergamot. Find it at LUSH for $7.95 per heart.
  4. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Papers–blotting papers for touch-ups are an essential to any make-up bag. They absorb oil and remove shine without spoiling your makeup. This compact beauty secret will allow you to keep that all-day fresh, matte look without having to reapply your makeup. The Boscia product is great because it is made of completely natural linen, preservative free, and organic! Find it at Sephora for $10
  5. Victoria Secret Satin & Lace Demi Bra Set (in Sugar Coral)– part of the Glamour by Victoria’s Secret line, this luxurious lingerie set is a beautiful fit and stunning colour contrast. It is sexy, sheek, and low-rise. Find it at Victoria’s Secret for $38

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