Monday , 23 April 2018
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First Lady Obama

Acclaimed American public icon, Michelle Obama has surpassed the expectation’s of a first lady and continues to grow in the media and communities around the world. Dazzling us with not only her sophisticated fashion sense but also her widespread humanitarian efforts, she leaves a lasting impression. Since her husband’s inauguration in 2009, her limelight continues to grow as she dedicates her efforts to making progressive nation-wide changes while simultaneously juggling family life and keeping stylish.

In May 2006, Michelle was listed by Essence as one of the “World’s 25 Most Inspiring Women.” In 2007 and in 2008, she was listed by Vanity Fair as one of the “World’s 10 Best Dressed People.” In September 2007 she was part of the Harvard 100 List of influential people, in 2009 she graced the cover of Vogue, all the while her style choices are popping up during fashion week.

Although she has been criticized for focusing more on fashion than her significant involvements, that is a harsh assertion as her philanthropic and political endeavors are many. In her efforts to combat childhood obesity, Michelle started the program Let’s Move which encourages healthier eating and food choices in schools, proper labeling, increased awareness, and more physical activity. Alongside the obesity challenge she also supports military families, encourages national service, and assists working women in balancing career and family.

Her goal is to leave behind a gift of positive transformation that moves forward society as a whole. Her efforts are collaborative and essential for the times. Michelle is a positive role model for African-American women and American women in general, as her benevolent optimism and active nature penetrates the souls of nations worldwide.

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