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Foods You Should Never Eat

As important as it is to know what foods are beneficial to your health and cleansing to your system, it is also imperative to know what foods to stay away from. You may believe you are eating healthy if you eat lots of vegetables and take your vitamins, however, if a lot of the following foods are a part of you diet you may need to make some changes.  Below are all the things you should stay away from in order to LOOK and FEEL your BEST!

    1. Processed foods, preservatives, additives, artificial colouring.
    2. Soda, carbonated beverages—these drinks are not only packed with sugar and possess little or no nutrients, they contribute to tooth decay, weight gain, and loss in bone density.
    3. Sugar (this includes white sugar, sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, syrup), sweetener (yes Splenda, too). A healthy and satisfying alternative is Stevia or Agave, an all-natural sweetener containing zero calories (they both contain a lower glycemic index than sugar many sugar derivatives).
    4. White, refined, bleached flour—this highly processed substance contains not only chemical residue, but is missing the only two nutritional properties of wheat-flour which are the outside bran layer and the germ (embryo) of the seed. The more refined foods a person eats the more their body has to work to produce insulin and insulin promotes the storage of fat. Not to mention refined foods cause constipation, leaves the body malnourished, and makes one vulnerable to chronic illness.
    5. Cooked Fats (when heated, the beneficial properties of olive oil are removed leaving an undoubtedly tasty but fatty dish. Instead, opt for grape-seed, flax-seed, or coconut oil which remain unchanged when heated under high temperatures.
    6. Hydrogenated oils—the result of processing vegetable oils and fats in the food industry bringing about the harmful substance. Hydrogenated oils remain in the bloodstream for longer periods of time than non-hydrogenated oils and are implicated in circulatory diseases including heart disease.
    7. Red Meat—packaged meats are filled with harmful preservatives. Pork products are not only highest in fat but are a product of pigs which, as scavengers, accumulate countless parasites. Beef, another meat product that is high in fat also consists of chemicals resulting from today’s industrialization process and bacterial contamination. Further, chicken and eggs are filled with hormones that are used for speedy reproduction. However, Organic free-range chicken and eggs are GOOD for you and in fact should be part of a balanced diet.

Moreover, a diet high in fish can expose an individual to high levels of mercury, a poison at high doses producing toxic effects to a person’s brain, kidney, and lungs. Lobster, tuna, shark, and dolphin are examples of fish that are extremely high in mercury and should be consumed rarely or never, whereas, salmon is one of the safer options!

8. Dairy—mucous-forming! This congests organs and lowers their ability to function. Cow’s milk contains a protein called casein that is similar in molecular structure to gluten. A Chinese study by Dr. Colin Campbell shows that  casein is also a carcinogen.

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