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For the Girl on the Go…Here are some FAB finds you’ll want to stash in your travel bag

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Ah… if each day you woke up to this beautiful blue utopia, the sun kissing your skin, and the light breeze whispering in your ear, lychee martini in hand… as time gracefully passes…not a worry in sight. Ok…I WISH this was me. Gawd I think I’m going to stop right here and find out where this is and how to get there. Sighhh.

Anyhow this article is for the girl on the GO! I mean you are a busy lady….probably jet-setting—possibly enjoying this scenery for a moment or two (before you’re blackberry goes off—OR iPhone I don’t discriminate :)). Anyhow…this is probably you:

Chic, fashionable, glamorous, and a woman with an agenda! Maybe even this one…

Well if this IS you… I’ve got some must haves you’ll want to keep in your travel bag:

First, we all know that great hair is MAJOR. Even if it is a sloppy bun…it still has to look good even though you want it to look like you didn’t try. More importantly…you’re heading out to dinner, you’ve packed an amazing dress and killer heels but your hair is after a day of travelling–well… flat. This sleek little beauty is just what you need:

Rowenta Professional Titanium Ceramic Iron

I LOVE this thing. I can create any style– curly, wavy, or super straight in 5-10 minutes. It has 3 heat settings and warms up super fast so I just plug it in and start working away. The ceramic plate is also great for protecting your hair from splitting—SO important when styling under high heat.

Why I chose this product as a must-have travel companion is because it’s SUPER sleek and doesn’t take up much space while acting as the invaluable styling tool you will be thankful you brought along! It also comes with the perfect sized carrying pouch–you can just toss this baby in your bag and off you go!

Did I mention that it’s a favorite on the runway?

You can buy it here for $219 CDN.

I added some waves to my previously flat do that day in just under 10 minutes with this iron, teased the back a bit and VOILA!

Now that we have made sure you will have luscious locks… an equally important part of traveling is preserving the vibrance of your SKIN! I found these adorable bag-friendly items…

From Elizabeth Grant’s The Socializer Collection (cute!)….POREFECTION

This concentrate stimulates exfoliation, reduces the look of pores, and intensely hydrates when you finally get down to your much needed beauty sleep.

Just roll this soft gel over your skin before bedtime and your travel skin will be revitalized overnight! I love that this product is sleek enough to throw in my makeup bag and provides just the right fix for tired skin. In the morning my pores are less noticeable and my skin is noticeably more fresh! <3

Retails for $22 CDN.

Oh and let’s not forget their fab lip treatment…Can You Keep a Secret? I can’t 🙂 This stuff is great!

It’s a 2 in 1 lip treatment with one side working to exfoliate and the other a conditioning balm for soft, kissable lips. Afterall, you never know who will be seductively waiting for you to return to your hotel room…

Haha I had to.

This lip duo is a must-have really! The exfoliating end is battery powered for gentle exfoliation and I found it even more useful to apply more pressure along with the vibration. Your lips will feel DIVINE and this actually ended up having a beautiful plumping effect! Next, an application of the hydrating balm is so smoothing, especially after you’ve primed your lips. Both have great lush factor ingredients:

Socializer Can You Keep A Secret Lip Exfoliator:
Torricelumn™, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Cucumber, Rice Exfoliator.

Socializer Can You Keep A Secret Conditioning Balm:
Shea Butter, Torricelumn™, Tocopheryl Acetate ( Vitamin E), Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate.

Retails for $38 CDN

Next, what I think is an incredibly important part of any fresh look–day or night…. is the right highlighting tool. Right now I’m loving the Trick Stick by VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY

“Trick Stick is the Makeup Artist’s secret for a lit–from–within glow. Trick Stick brings subtle light right where you need it. Cheekbones, brow bones, bow of the lip and inner corner of the eyes are highlighted to perfection with Trick Sticks slim applicator.”

The following areas of your face are where you should be highlighting to create a flawless look:

Photo Credit

This trick stick is a perfect little tool to accomplish exactly that! What I love is it also has this hint of subtle shimmer to it—not to mention its ORGANIC & NATURAL (something I think is exceedingly important these days).

Again, it is more than ideal for your travel tote. It’s so fashionably slim it even fits nicely in your jeans pocket right next to your lip balm.

I am all for this great product–it’s reasonably priced and helps you to achieve all the great industry tricks with artful ease and gives you a vibrant glowing look each time.

Retails for $20 CDN.

Now I think we are still forgetting something very important… when you travel I think you want to SMELL fabulous? I certainly do! And here is the PERFECT parfum companion that is socially sexy and approved for your carry-on luggage.


What do you do with it exactly?

Well you can take absolutely any spray perfume you own and make it travel size. Saves you having to buy two versions of all your favorite perfumes! It’s so incredibly convenient, it’s lightweight and fashionable you can just throw it in your purse without having to carry around that bulky bottle. Also, its approved for your carry on luggage–yay!

It even comes in a variety of cute styles to suit your personality. 🙂

Like this product? Well it’s your lucky day! Just for reading this article you get a special 20% off discount code to pick up one of these travel necessities!



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