Thursday , 26 April 2018
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GEOX NEBULA Collection

NEBULA shoes are made for travelling the world. And so am I! 🙂 Recently, I made my way to Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto to check out the new NEBULA collection by Geox. Being a first timer to the Geox brand itself, I was eager to learn about their innovative Geox Net Breathing System Technology and lust over all of their stylish new designs. Their Nebula collection was such a perfect fit for me – being versatile, chic, and sooooo comfortable. I also love the lightness and breathability of the shoe, offering superior body temperature regulation. I was told I didn’t need to wear socks with this shoe, which is an awesome feature because sometimes… I just don’t feel like it! Even more, the sole of the shoe has actually been designed to follow the foot’s natural points of contact (highly beneficial for your body’s natural alignment) – hey, I want good posture for life 😛
The Nebula Collection is complete with so many awesome designs, but this coral shoe caught my eye instantly. So obviously, it’s now part of my Spring Wardrobe!
Just to let you know just how amazing this shoe is, the advanced technology and design is characterized by 3 unique features: 
Superior Performance
The 3D performance unit system includes a unique sole is that characterized by flexibility, cushioning, stability and grip. It allows movement to follow the foot’s natural points of contact to optimize balance and comfort. 
3D Breathing Engineering
The evolution and refinement of the 3-dimensional breathing concept allows for exceptional comfort and total weather protection. The unique inner lining features breathable gaps that create a free space between the foot and the upper, allowing excess heat to escape upwards.
Comfort Engineering
Nebula’s innovative combination of elastomers and polymers lend lightness and comfort, while the integrated shape includes elastic inserts that allows for a slipper-like easy entry. 

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