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Halloween Makeup Inspiration + Beauty Essentials

Halloween is here already! Whether you’re celebrating tomorrow night or taking the party through to the weekend, here are some great last-minute Halloween Beauty Essentials and Make Up Guides to help get you covered this season.


Sometimes the greatest Halloween get-up simply requires the right makeup application. Below are some special Halloween Face Chart Tutorials prepared by the fab team at Make Up For Ever.

Great Gatsby Makeup

Key Points:

  • Eyebrows have no arch– draw a line that gradually slants downwards.
  • Big smokey eyes with fading dark smudges around the entire eye.
  • Dark lips and rosy cheeks!
  • Pencil in a dark freckle/mole
  • Big eyelashes and heavy mascara

gatsby-makeupFairy Princess Makeup

Key Points:

  • Concealed eyebrows
  • Tons of sparkle
  • Big & sharp, pointed lashes
  • BIG eyes–extend their outline with a white eyeliner pencil
  • Thinned out nose–contour a thin space and then highlight the middle as shown below
  • Big pink lips–use a lip liner to extend the outline of your own lips and then fill in
  • Pointy ears!

Lady Gaga Makeup

Key Points:

  • Use your face as your canvas with TONS of color. Start off by using a light foundation to create a pale base to work with.
  • Extremely dark eyes with color extending outwards, going over the entire eyebrows and extending down the cheeks.
  • Mix blues, green, and black for the eyes with specs of white applied at the end.
  • Use red and yellow fading into eachother down the cheekbone and surrounding the lips. Highlight the lips with white in the middle. Experiment with colors and make this your art!

lady-gaga-makeupMasquerade Makeup

Key Points:

  • Painting is more defined. Goal is to create a distinct mask surrounding the eyes. Use pink, purples, blues, and green. Use black to outline the shape and accent designs outside the mask.
  • Burgundy lips with a soft black contour.
  • Burgundy along the cheekbone downward.
  • Soft, pretty lashes.

Vampire Makeup

Key Points:

  • Pale face
  • Dark red, distinct cheekbones
  • Dark red lips
  • Bloodshot eyes, smudge red eyeshadow outward. Bold, red and black line in the crease of the eyelid.
  • Dark, defined eyebrows.
  • Teeth marks on the jugular vein of the neck {black dot surrounded by white and then reddish-black circular smudging}.
  • Vampire teeth!vampire-makeup

Wicked Witch Makeup

Key Points:

  • Pale face (use concealer or a light foundation)
  • Thin, black eyebrows
  • Dark smokey eyes, clearly defined and outlined in black. Yellow smudged under the beginning of the brow downward.
  • Long, pointed nose (contour creating thin lines on both sides of the nose and leaving only a small space in between, all the way to the bridge of the nose)
  • Black lips

wicked-witch-makeupZombie Girl Makeup

  • Light contacts
  • Pale face
  • Dark, defined cheekbones
  • Distended veins along the face–draw using a thin, red eye pencil
  • Small, pursed lips–begin by covering your lips with concealer and then drawing them in with a dark red pencil.
  • Stitched patches of skin across corners of lips and surrounding one eye


Nails are an important accent to every outfit and occasion! Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional to easily get the coolest Halloween designs. From simple press-on nails to the recently infamous nail stickers, we’ve got your manicure covered. Then there’s always the option to do a solid black or orange polish, but why not make it a bit more fun? Take a look at these great Halloween nail designs:

imPRESS Press-On Manicures by Broadway Nails $10.99

The perfect manicure that takes only a minute is a stick on manicure! Stick on nails have come a long way and will last up to a week if applied properly (make sure your nails have no polish or oil residue before applying). Here are a few beautiful Halloween swatches that are available:



Photo Credit:


Photo Credit: Canadian Fashionista

Kiss Nail Dress $10.99

My personal favorite are the nail stickers which are so easy to apply, appear flawless, require zero dry time, and last well into the week. Simply apply the sticker to a clean nail, fold over, and gently trim off the edges with a nail file. And voila, festive Halloween nails!


Photo Credit:


Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polka Dot Nail Lacquer $3.99 each

You may have been hearing that orange is actually the new black this season… and Maybelline has you covered!  Their line of Polka Dot Nail Lacquers offer a super fun twist from having just a solid color and they are so affordable.



One of my favorite things to talk about next to makeup and fashion…is hair! I’ve recently become addicted to Batiste Dry Shampoo which to me is essential for any occasion. Even when my hair is freshly shampooed I lightly coat my roots to make my hair more workable and textured. And now with their recent release of tinted sprays, I’ve gone to dry shampoo heaven. The hints of colour come in 3 shades: Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette, Dark & Deep Brown and Vibrant & Red (not shown below).

For Halloween especially, Dry Shampoo is essential for big hair-dos (60’s & 70’s) and keeping unruly wigs in order! And be sure to take it to your Halloween party–It will bring life back to your hair and refresh with in minutes. If you don’t need a hint of color (which will also hide greys might I add), they come in a variety of delicious scents as well. Cherry has been a big winner for me!


Halloween Fragrance?

Now if you REALLY want to go all out, Demeter has come out with a Halloween fragrance line from “Zombie For Her & Him” to “Dirt” and even “Funeral Home” scents. YIKES! But really, they don’t smell bad. Just interesting and earthy.

Zombie for her includes a combination of dried leaves, mushrooms, mildew, moss and earth with a touch of Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel for that feminine touch.

Demeter Fragrance $25 USD each


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