Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Handstand Progression Challenge #EvenBetter

Recently, I was challenged by Ocean Spray® to set a new healthy goal for myself over the next few weeks, and because these are the very things I find most exciting these days *no sarcasm here*, I was definitely game! Since I’ve been striving to deepen my yoga practice (and wondering how on earth people master handstands so beautifully), I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to learn and showcase handstand progressions.

These are a series of challenging exercises that work to strengthen your core, shoulders, back, arm, fingers, and everything in between. In order to progress to a handstand successfully, you need to engage muscles you may not have thought you even had, and develop substantial balancing skills at that. Now I don’t expect to master a handstand in the next few weeks, however; my goal is to complete these exercises daily, 3-5x/day for as long as I can hold them. I’d like to see how consistent I can be in 2 weeks and how much I am able to develop my strength within this time period. Essentially, I’m going to make this practice a habit until it gets easier and easier, until eventually I’ll be able to say the same thing about doing a handstand. 

Here’s what I’m working with:

Finger Planks

Finger Plank

Hollow Body Hold


L-Shaped Hand Stand

L-Shaped Handstand

Wall-Assisted Hand Stands


Now, one of the keys to EVERY health and fitness goal is caring for your body by staying HYDRATED! In part 1 of this challenge to be #evenbetter at what I love, Ocean Spray® is helping me to meet my daily requirements with their Ocean Spray® PAC® Cranberry Extract Waters, so that not only do I get the amount of hydration I need while staying active, but I also get the additional health benefits of an anti-oxidant-rich (and natural!!) beverage. Since it’s a challenge in itself to get enough water at times, I’ll be keeping all 3 flavours – Cranberry Pomegranate, Cranberry Raspberry, and Cranberry Mango Passionfruit – on hand to help me re-fuel throughout the day. What’s really important to me is that there are no chemical additives or artificial colours that go into these products. They’re Non-GMO, naturally sweetened, and their colour comes straight from the cranberries (NOT from anything made in a lab!). The products are red because cranberries are red, period.

I also love that they each pack the potent punch of 50 cranberries, meaning they contain proanthocyanidins (a powerful group of antioxidants) that remove harmful free radicals from cells. What a nice bonus!

Well, I’m extremely excited to embark on this challenge and I hope that maybe I can inspire you to undertake one of your own. Check back on the blog in a few weeks to see my progress and please do share some handstand tips if you have any!

Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water is a tasty and low-calorie way to hydrate in a more meaningful way. Packed with the power of 50 cranberries, PACt® cranberry extract water delivers unique cranberry health benefits. Visit to learn more and find out where to buy PACt® water at a store near you.


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Ocean Spray® via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ocean Spray®.






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