Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Healthiest & Tastiest Snack-Kale Chips!

I just recently discovered this gourmet treat and I still can’t believe how great it is! First of all I had never heard of Kale before until it was offered to me and second I am excited that such a healthy food can be so delicious. It is literally a super-food. This large leafy green provides an abundant amount of antioxidants, fiber, a staggering combination of over 45 flavinoids, not to mention its impressive list of nutrients. This vegetable aids in the digestive process, detoxification, serves as an anti-inflammatory, while at the same providing cancer protection. Amazingly, this is all packed into a 36 calorie serving. ON TOP OF THIS IT TASTES GREAT! There are different ways of preparing this vegetable but here’s the way I tried that got me hooked:


  • 1 bushel of Kale
  • sea salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • food dehydrator (or oven at 400 degrees)

A food dehydrator is ideal (although an oven still does the trick), as it removes all the hydration of the vegetable while preserving all of its nutrients and turns it into the crispy snack that literally leaves you hungry for more. Take one bushel of kale rinsed and chopped, sprinkle some olive oil and sea salt, then place it in your dehydrator and wait. Now you have a bowl of healthy chips that you won’t feel bad about the next morning!

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