Thursday , 26 April 2018
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How to: Beach Shag Hair


Photo Credit: Taz Hair

In the midst of cold temperatures, most of us are longing for those sunny beach vibes. Whether you’re planning an escape, or feel like embracing some of that ocean influence – this style is for you! Freshly tousled beach hair is that sexy, yet effortless look that can be worn chic or casual. So beach or not, here’s how to get that “shag”!


  • Brush
  • Flat Iron {1″-2″} – ceramic or titanium plated
  • Hair Clips
  • Hairspray


  1. Begin by brushing out hair thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles. Then, take horizontal sub-sections of hair starting at the nape of the neck and separate by clipping away the rest of your hair.
  2.  Next, taking 1″ vertical sections of hair at a time, place flat iron ½ inch away from scalp. From here, twist the iron with a ½ rotation and pull away from the scalp, ‘ribboning’ the hair as shown below.

Photo Credit: Taz Hair

3. Last working with the crown area,  drag the hair over and repeat the same ribboning effect as done previously. Only this time with the objective of creating soft curls off to the side, accentuating a delicate fringe. Finish with a light coat of hair spray to hold the look and gently run your fingers through for some additional tousling.

{Optional: add some sparkle spray to simulate the natural effect of sun-streaked hair!}

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