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How to End a Toxic Relationship

A sad fact is that some relationships that were once good eventually go bad. Your partner may have once been a fun, loving, and caring person you were easily able to get along with. However, slowly, over time, that person may have changed before your eyes. Your loving partner may have revealed him or herself to be a controlling, manipulative, and bitter person who doesn’t seem to care very much for your happiness and well being at all.

You may have tried to fix the problems in the relationship. However, your partner may have only become more resentful and even less communicative than before. In fact, the negativity in the relationship may have even escalated to verbal and physical abuse. At this point, many people may wish they were no longer in such relationships. However, sadly, many people also feel they are trapped and must continue those bad relationships whether they want to or not.

Thankfully, there are indeed ways to break free. The first step of this process is finding other sources of support. One reason many people stay in a toxic relationship is because they believe they don’t have anyone else. Find the support you need through other people you can confide in and who generally care about you and your well being. This can include your friends, family members, and religious leaders. Find some people that can help give you the support you need while you exit the relationship.

A second possibility you may consider is outside professional help. Almost every city has a women’s shelter. If your relationship is abusive and you don’t know how to get out, the women’s shelter will have resources, advice, and counseling you can make use of to help you. If the relationship is physically abusive, you should strongly consider requesting a restraining order from the police. The restraining order will force you partner to leave your place of residence with no chance of him or her physically harming you as a result of the break up.

Another thing you may want to do is obtain psychological help. A therapist can be great for people who are extremely stressed out and worried about a toxic relationship. You will be able to discuss your problems with the therapist. If the relationship is toxic, the therapist will help you come to terms with that fact, overcome the hurt you may feel, and help build the personal strength you need to move on. Support groups that deal with relationship problems may also help you make the transition out of your relationship.

Lastly, you need to make a plan to end the relationship for good. This may be the most difficult step, but it is also the most important. You need to have a concrete strategy for how to end it and how you will live free of your partner afterwards. You should alert people in your network of support of when you are leaving your partner for safety reasons. If your partner is violent, you will probably want to leave him or her without an actual face to face confrontation. If need be, obtain a restraining order to help make that easier.

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