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Beauty Q&A: How to Fix Hair that Won’t Curl

Beauty Q & A:

“I had beautiful wavy hair, but of course, was using a drugstore 3-day straight spray day after day for months – well, now my hair won’t curl. I do a deep conditioning treatment multiple times a week, but my hair dries pin straight. Any advice?

p.s. I am Caucasian – anything I’ve searched on the internet about curl loss has been largely catered to African American hair.” –Jenn

Straight Hair

There could be a few reasons as to why your hair won’t wave anymore …

  1. Could be because you have been flat ironing it everyday for a few months , even though you use a heat protectant, flat ironing your hair is very damaging. Over long periods of time and on a daily basis this can lead to a loss of structure and permanent damage.
  2. You could have product build up from using the same product you mentioned everyday and baking it into your hair with a flat iron. For this, I would try using a deep cleansing shampoo or a shampoo which has sulphates in it and with a few washes it should help remove all of the product build-up.
  3. Could just be a mix of 1 and 2 as well as just the need for a hair cut to remove any split ends or maybe even just to put some layering in your hair for a little bounce … If your hair is very long it may just be that your hair is too heavy and it is weighing itself down. This will make it hard for you to achieve a curl or wave in your hair.
It could also be that your hair has changed and just isn’t wavy anymore. Over time our bodies change  and your hair could also be affected through this process.
I could go on and on with various other reasons, if I was able to see or touch the hair I would be able to give some better solutions as well, and also product recommendations.
Joey Marchese
— Joey marchese 
Bob+paige salon & Schwarzkopf Essential Looks artist
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  1. Nice reason you give about that hair won’t wave anymore.Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. You can use a hair straightner for to fix a curly hair easily and fastly at home.

  3. Yes split hair remove for cutting your hair and you may use hair straightener at home.

  4. I have the straightest hair ever..always has been stick straight, zero body, extremely fine.

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