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How to Smell Amazing

Aside from showering daily and wearing deodorant..duhh (aluminum-free I hope!) there are a variety of ways you can ooze goodness. I’m talking fresh, alluring, seductive, or just plain wonderful. Scent plays a powerful role in attraction so you’ll want to have all your bases covered, so this post is full of essential tips on how to smell AMAZING.

And for some it’s actually a pretty serious venture… take Coco Chanel for example, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” Yikes! Well let’s not take any chances shall we?

Choosing the Right Fragrance and How to Wear it

FACT: Scent (similar to taste) lives in the memory LONGER than a visual stimulus. Hmm… and you thought the first impression was all about your outfit.

First thing’s first. Some may think they have it all down pact, but how do you know you are even wearing the right fragrance? Well there are actually a few important factors to consider:

1. There is no ONE perfect scent. It is based on the individual and how the perfume interacts with the chemistry of your skin. It is important to test out what you like and develop an understanding of what scents you are drawn to. Do you love romantic floral scents like rose and lavender? Or do you prefer something muskier and spicy like cinnamon, vanilla, and clove? There are many other types of scents (i.e. woody, citrus, green, etc.) and once you uncover the ones that suit you the best it is much easier to find YOUR top fragrances. You will do this either by testing the fragrance or coming to understand its ‘Top, Middle, and Base Notes.’ More on this later…

2. In the summer you’ll want to opt for a lighter scent, whereas in winter you can go for something heavier since changes in temperature actually influence the scents we prefer. Think of perfume as an article of clothing, so in the colder months you’ll require something heavier to keep you warm.

3. How many spritzes are enough? Unless you want to knock people unconscious as you walk, less is usually more. You don’t want your scent to be personally invasive to another person, they should only smell it if they get super close to you. The important areas of your body to apply fragrance to (and this will actually make it last longer too) are pulse points. Why? Because blood vessels here are closer to the skin and heat is being released more so in these areas allowing the fragrance to be emitted throughout the day in combination with heat production. The pulse points are: on the inside of the wrists, inner elbows, base of the neck, earlobes, behind the knees, and in your cleavage, ladies!

The Foods You Eat

Yes well, although garlic and onions are pretty amazing for your health they emit a foul-smelling sulpher-containing substance called allicin. I’m actually a big proponent of (raw) garlic since it has the powerful ability to wipe out the harmful bacteria that causes us to be sick (just as good as antibiotics–ahem maybe even better–if taken in the right dosage). Note: If you are really interested in this I can send over the science that backs this up. I am a medical student. 🙂 But aside from its glorious health properties, the after effects of eating compounds that naturally contain sulpher is that it seeps out through both your respiratory tract and your skin. As well to a certain extent these veggies also contain sulpher: asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. Similarly, I’m sure you may also be aware of the smell of Curry. It contains a compound called “Cumin” which is offensive to the nose as well. Now if you HAVE eaten these foods/spices and are looking for a quick fix you can try chewing on aromatic seeds like Cardamom which tend to deodorize the body fairly quickly.

And last, junk foods (i.e. processed, fried, packaged, etc.) and red meat are also pretty offensive since they take longer to digest thereby leaving time for them to “rot” (I know, gross) in your intestines. If you can, just cut these out altogether.

Tricks of the Trade

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL– literally, how to smell amazing.

There are SO many great things about liquid chlorophyll and I’m only sad that I didn’t hear about it sooner. What chlorophyll is, is basically the leading component of plant photosynthesis (it allows plants to absorb the suns energy in the form of photons and thereby produce energy for all other life forms to feed from). It is no wonder how its presence in our diets (which has sadly been hindered with this fast food craze) serves as such an essential component to our health to the lengths of even influencing how good we smell.

How does this work exactly?? Well in short, it cleanses the body of NUMEROUS toxins making them less likely to seep out through your skin if they no longer exist. It’s amazing how healthier individuals just smell better. This will help you get there. On top of that, Chlorophyll is actually a CERTIFIED DEODORIZER mainly due to this cleansing effect which actually accelerates the removal of waste from the liver, GI tract, and body in general. Otherwise, these toxins would especially seep out through your sweat and may even cause you to use a stronger commercial deodorant (probably something that clogs your pores–BAD) when there is actually an answer that is much more simple and beneficial to your body. If the toxins want to leave you need to let them and prevent them from being there in the first place!

So that concludes my tips and tricks for how to smell amazing and I want to leave you off with what I believe to be a FABULOUS SMELLING GIVEAWAY. It is the BRAND NEW Ed Hardy Skulls and Roses Fragrance: one for WOMEN and one for MEN which have just become available this October 2012. They both smell incredible. But before we proceed, as promised here is a mini tutorial on how to read ‘fragrance notes’.

The TOP NOTES of a fragrance are what you will smell immediately upon applying a perfume. This is essentially its initial impression. These usually fade between 10-15 minutes–this can be why your perfume may be offensive to some people if just recently applied; if this is the case apply your perfume 15 minutes before leaving the house. Next are the MIDDLE or ‘heart’ notes which arise after the top has dissipated and usually lasts for 30-45 minutes. Last, are the BASE notes which act to hold everything together and bring depth to the perfume while holding the top and middle notes from evaporating too quickly. The base lasts for about 4 hours (longer in Eau de parfum and shorter in Eau de toilette).

Now, take a look at these adorable fragrance bottles (containing equally amazing scents!) which are an ode to Ed Hardy’s iconic skulls and roses tattoo design. Don’t forget to read the fragrance notes and let your senses guide you! 😉

Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses For Women:

Sweet strawberries splashed with pink grapefruit cause quite the sensation as they mingle with honeysuckle, magnolia, and daisy. Meanwhile, violet leaves are intricately woven in with mystery and intrigue. Caramel and vanilla leave their delicious mark as white musk trails off in the distance.

TOP NOTES: Strawberry, violet leaves and pink grapefruit.
MID NOTES: Honeysuckle, magnolia and daisy.
BASE NOTES: Caramel, vanilla bean and white musk.

Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses For Men:

An extraordinary encounter of fresh bergamot, spicy cardamom and hints of violet combine with a masculine floralcy of lavandin and geranium spiked with ozonic elements. Dashing and daring until the end- amber, sandalwood and moss create a modern twist as musks leave a lasting impression.

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, cardamom and violet.
MID NOTES: Lavandin, geranium and ozone.
BASE NOTES: Amber, sandalwood, moss and musk.


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  1. I like vanilla or something fruity

  2. For those who are interrested, you can find Land Art’s chlorophyll here:
    Many flavors available! And it’s a Canadian product!

  3. Mmm you make the perfume sound so yummy!! All of those types of fragrances appeal to me, as I tend to go towards sweeter scents (I even have a cotton candy spritz that I love!) also depends on the season. In fall I like more earthy scents like apples and cinnamon and then citrus like tangerine and lemony scents are great for summer. Thanks for the post! I have to try that Cardamom– wonder if it works for coffee breath? LOL

  4. another great post! love the packaging would:)

  5. Love the base notes, all time fav is amber.

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