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Improving Acid-Base Balance with Pascoe

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You may have heard about the multitude of health benefits to consuming a predominantly alkaline diet, aka plant-based. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, nuts, and seeds has been shown to create an optimal environment where disease cannot flourish. Alternatively, a diet too high in acid-forming foods such as red meat, processed foods, soda drinks, dairy products, preservatives, grains and beans, throw off the body’s preference of having a more alkaline pH level (making you more prone to infection!). In a world where acidic foods are increasingly common, it becomes difficult to maintain this recommended balance of 60-80% alkaline food intake vs 20-40% acidic. Thankfully, you can actually test your body’s pH level yourself to determine where you are on the spectrum and then make any necessary dietary + lifestyles adjustments. There are also some very helpful minerals you can take as a supplement to support this health goal. That being said, I’m really excited to announce my recent collaboration with Pascoe Basentabs! An alkaline mineral complex designed to re-align your body into its proper acid-base balance in combination with pH test strips to help you monitor your goal.


The modern world can be chaotic—and many people suffer from persistent stress, chronic fatigue and an unbalanced diet. If you experience any of these challenges, you might need support to regulate your acid-base balance. For all of your important metabolic functions to work optimally, the body’s acid-base balance must be in equilibrium. Unfortunately, our modern lives make this very difficult.

Pascoe has developed a support system you can count on to fight these challenges; BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE—a revolutionary formula with a balanced mixture of bicarbonates and Zinc.

When I had first tested my pH (urine testing) upon receiving this product I was surprised to see that my body wasn’t as balanced as I’d expected. Of course, our levels regulate from day to day as well as throughout the day, so it’s important to calculate these values consistently in order to get a proper reading. I tested mine at approximately 3pm and got a pH reading of 6, which as you can see below is lower than the ideal daily profile for the time of day tested. This was surprising to me because I thought I had been consuming enough alkaline foods for my body. That being said, I love my coffee, I have wine at times, maybe I’m indulging in a bit too much red meat lately, and at family functions it hard to resist all the decadent goodies! So perhaps, I have some adjustments to make or could simply use some mineral-based alkaline support. I’m excited to experiment with this product and monitor my pH levels daily throughout the coming weeks!


This is my first blog post of 3, so I’ll be recording my findings as well as any relevant dietary/lifestyle changes in order to share my experience with you. Stay tuned for more and follow myself as well as Pascoe Canada to keep up with the story and get social with us!


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